Diablo III Gets a New TV Advert – Evil is Back

Diablo III might not mean that much to a lot of our console-only friends but to PC gamers, or anyone with a history in PC gaming, it’s massive. Blizzard’s other big franchise (after Warcraft and Starcraft) just got a new TV advert to publicise its imminent release.


It’s brief, as you’d expect from a medium that charges by the second, but the trailer is well put together and certainly sets the tone. I’d be keen to hear what our PlayStation and Xbox fans think of this – are you desperate to see a port, considering a PC gaming rig or completely ambivalent?

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  1. I’d love a gaming PC, but can’t justify it over a PS3 and Vita.
    I have barely touched the PS3 since the Vita, the same goes for the limited games I can run from my Steam account.

    Maybe when I next get a laptop (likely only to happen when this one breaks), I’ll spend extra and make sure it can play the latest games (a graphics card would help) but it won’t be a gaming rig.
    They’re too expensive from where I’m sitting.

    • And back on topic, I’d absolutely love a PS3 or Vita (more towards Vita, actually) port of Diablo 3.

      • Yup same here….
        To both of colmshan’s comments!

    • My ageing laptop was able to play this (at low quality settings) in the open beta weekend (for the short time I was able to get at the servers). Considering that even the cheapest new laptops have better specs you should be ok without spending a fortune. Time for that old laptop to have an “accident” perhaps?

      • Just took receipt of a refurbished Alienware bought mostly to play this. Spent £500 on an 11″ i5.

    • The way I see it Colmshan is like this I will try to break down costs as easily as possible.

      Ps3 £200
      Vita £200 (optional)
      laptop £300-600 (for a middle of the road one)

      Gaming PC:
      Intel i5 £150
      ati radeon 6850 £90
      650w PSU £50
      Decent nice looking case £50
      Good motherboard £120 (lets say a Gigabyte UD4 or UD5)
      8GB RAM £35
      disc drive £15
      mouse and keyboard (if you dont mind about quality can be only £10 for decent kit around £50 upwards. We will say middle of the road) £30
      22″ monitor £100 (optional)

      So ps3 and a low end laptop = £500-£800 (with Vita £700-£1000)

      Middle to low high-end PC = £540 (£640 with Monitor)

      A PC specced like that on above is pretty much identical to my own and I can confirm runs any game you throw at it on High graphical settings no problem whatsoever.

      Also factor in that PC games are generally cheaper and we get a very attractive looking package.

      Laptops for gaming are tough. Unless you have mountains of money to throw about you could easily get a great one for £1500 but who has that sort of money to spend on a laptop? Really if your gaming you want a desktop but there are a few decent cheap (£600-£700 we are talking here) gaming laptops out there they are just very hard to find and will run the latest games but probably around only low to medium graphics. I honestly despise laptops so im not really the man to explaining it.

      The illusion that Gaming PC’s are expensive is very common but as you can they are in fact not as bad as you first think.

      • Also a PC like that would probably last a lot longer than your usual console cycle. My own personal PC cost in excess of a grand but that’s because its my hobby and the line of work I want to go into.

  2. I am getting excited about this, the trailer is fantastic, cant wait to play this game :)

  3. It’s been twelve long years.

    Stay awhile and listen…

  4. Had this pre-ordered since Nov 2008 :) since VAT was 15% and the price at game was £24.46 – I just hope my nearly 4 year old PC can run it.

    As had no reason to get a new PC due to time on PS3/Vita.

    • On Amazon its only £27! I cant wait for this game I’ve been playing Diablo II for stupid amounts of time lately :P

    • Also if you want to see if it will run check out this website :)


      • Ah cool nice site so according to that site i’m jsut over recomended.

        However I have a 24″ monitor with 1920*1200 res native. Anyway i’ll see in 2 weeks :D

  5. Do I want to see a port? No not really.
    Do I want to get my arse in gear and build a gaming PC? Yes, yes I do.

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