Podcast: Episode 62 – Little Deviants, Hunger Games and Euro 2012

Here’s the first thing you need to know about today’s podcast: Kev hosted it. I know, shocking, huh? He’s only been in a permanent chair for ten minutes and already he’s filling in for Kris. Oh, that’s the second thing you need to know: Kris wasn’t on this week. He’d got some radio thing to prepare for that was too much for me to understand so he took the evening off and left it to Lewis, Kev and myself.

[drop2]We talked first, as we so often do, about some news. Timesplitters 4 rumours, Resistance Burning Skies new multiplayer mode and the opening success of Joss Whedon’s Avengers movie. Kev then talked a little bit about his first impressions of Little Deviants on the PS Vita and I spoke about the PlayStation 3D Display before we let Lewis tell us about his enjoyment of Hunger Games.

We touched on the FIFA 12 DLC for Euro 2012 and Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims before we did our usual quiz and questions.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. “Kris wasn’t on this week”

    Woo! ;)

    • Woohoooooooooooooooooo! PAAAAARTTEEEEEEEE!

  2. Yes, because someone shot me in the fecking knee with an arrow! Also, if TSA towers ends up getting destroyed, it’s just me and Symp battling to the death over who gets to do the threads.

    Anyway, i shall listen to the podcast and find the bar steward who shot me in the knee with an arrow.

  3. This is for Lewis – The Abusement Park stage in Pain will not load unless you are using the Move controller.

  4. ok, i hope you’re sitting comfortably. ^_^

    i saw Avengers on Thursday.
    and it was fantastic.
    Whedon knocked it out of the park, to use an american idiom.
    for a film with so many characters all doing their own thing that have to be brought together it never felt rushed anywhere, and each character was given enough time, some more than others though but nobody was really ignored.

    as you’d expect from a Whedon project, the dialogue was great, he can bring out the humour in a situation but he can also handle the dramatic scenes too.

    and then there’s the action scenes.
    and those were just amazing.
    Whedon has always been know for writing great dialogue, but this film clearly shows he’s just as adept at action.
    the hero vs hero fights were outstanding.
    and the climactic battle, wow, spectacular, i’m running out of superlatives here. ^_^
    one thing the action scenes here had that not many comic book movies have is they felt like they could have been lifted straight out of a comic and filmed.
    not many capture the feel of these powerful beings beating the crap out of each other.

    my favourite snack and drink for gaming are tesco value lager and a pack of jaffa cakes.
    food of the gods. ^_^

    i think VR would be good for next gen machines.
    where you can play sitting down, controlling the game with a regular pad but being able to look around in a natural way.

    as for what i don’t want to see, well that’s easy, a preowned lockout system.

    i think this is only the second time in my life i’ve ever heard anybody use the word vestibule, the first time was in that friends episode. o_O

    lastly, i found this.

  5. It was my hat! And I did find it. How, is a tale so bizarre and epic in its magnificance you simply wont be able to comprehend. But ye. Found it.

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