Angry Birds Finally Ported To Real Life

It’s on practically every other platform under the sun, so why not port the runaway phenomenon to the real world? That seems to have been the thinking behind unpronounceable (to a unilingual moron like me) visitor attraction, Särkänniemi Theme Park’s latest addition.

Angry Birds Land


The Finnish theme park has chosen to celebrate their countrymen’s finest virtual achievement of recent years with a whole Land dedicated to the rage-filled avians. It’s aimed at kids and families, features food points (eggs and bacon?), games and an adventure obstacle climbing thing. There doesn’t seem to be any way of having yourself catapulted into a shoddy timber construction full of green pigs though, unfortunately.

Later in the year, the theme park intends to unlock a function that will allow customers to bring their angry birds games with them and upgrade content within the game via wireless technology.

Here’s some pictures.



  1. Yay?

  2. I thought I saw something before where it had an angry birds section in a theme park that was a different place to this.

  3. When I read the article title and sub line I thought someone had posted videos of them selves recreating Angry Bird levels using real life animals!

    • Give it time, I’m sure it’ll happen.

  4. “here’s some old crappy attractions we had knocking about, we gave them a new paint job and stuck some of those bird and pig things on and wallop, Angry Brids Land.”

    “Cash please.”

    • What’s a brid?

    • Whilst I share your cynicism, I can see that my 6 year old lad would do anything to jump in to a red bird and whirl around for 5 minutes pretending to crash in to big green pigs. I must make sure that he doesn’t find out about this place…

  5. lol, wtf it even has DLC! we should be told, is it already built in but locked out or are they working on it as we speak?

  6. “There doesn’t seem to be any way of having yourself catapulted into a shoddy timber construction full of green pigs though, unfortunately.”

    Trick missed there i feel.

  7. I’m not a fan of Angry Birds but i can see the reasoning behind this. It will likely bring in an awful lot of punters.

  8. Argh.. Finland, get the timber there’s plenty of space surely!

  9. Just looked through some of the press shots/reviews of this place. It wouldn’t take much to set up a franchise system for the spinning red bird ride and send out the unit across the globe. Cher-ching!

  10. Hmmm, reading that rumours are abound that Angry Birds may incorporate The Simpsons in a future Angry Birds game.

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