New Trailer For PS Vita’s Metal Gear Solid Collection

You got a release date (ish) yesterday, and here’s the trailer to celebrate the still slightly vague month-long window for the Metal Gear Solid Vita release.


The game is a Peace Walker-less version of the collection that we reviewed for PS3 and Xbox 360 recently. It’s out in June for PS Vita.



  1. There’s an MGS Vita looking like this? With a wallpaper to complement the design? Awesomes.

  2. PS3-Vita Cloud Save, Touch Screen, 4 games, Metal Gear. I’m in!

  3. Looks good, hoping to get this for the Vita.

  4. Hmmm… Cloud Saves between PS3 & Vita. This has me tempted. I’ve never owned a MGS game before (played MGS 2, 3 & 4 Demos). Can’t wait until more brilliant HD Collections come out like this one!

  5. Damn that Limited Edition Vita looks goooood….

  6. Shame it doesn’t have Peacewalker but meh, MGS3 should be good fun and playing MGS2 again would be nice. Its Substance as well right? thats even better..

    • Yep, substance and subsistance versions :)

  7. I would be awesome if we who already own the PS3 version of the HD Collection would somehow get 50% off the Vita version or maybe a Voucher code of some sort. Like 50% off MGS on the store.

  8. Now put trophies in MGS4 and ill be happy. Also if I want peace walker im going to have to buy the ps3 version anyway so I dont see why I should get the vita one.

  9. Would be nice to have the PS3 version bundled together with the Vita version.

  10. PS Vita Game of the Year contender?
    Mind you, there’s been a few good ones already.

    • Hope PS1 Classics compatibility gets added before this releases. I’d like to run through MGS1-3 on the Vita if I can.
      Get it done, Sony!

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