Dead Or Alive 5 Has Costume Specific Boob Bounce

Remember February? Wasn’t that long ago was it but Team Ninja seems to have a very short memory.


Back then they said ‘we want to show something that’s more high class, that adult males of our generation could look at a woman [character] and be impressed with her as a woman, not just as a pin-up. That’s what we wanted to tell our fans.’

Now, in an interview with Famitsu (picked up by Andriasang) Yosuke Hayashi, leader of Team Ninja and the same chap who told the world Dead Or Alive was going classy, has revealed the game will have costume-specific breast physics.

Now it could be argued that this adds an extra level of realism, after all boobies will bounce more if, ahem, unrestrained. Team Ninja are aiming for realism rather that titillation, ‘Girl Power’ and all that! Woo!

Wait… what’s that? Costumes will also come with varying level of transparency?

Oh Team Ninja, you almost fooled us with your talk of ’empowering women’, Dead Or Alive 5 is going to be massive bouncing norks, see thru panties and cheap thrills.

Source: Famitsu via Andriasang



  1. Are they licensing the tech Kojima showed off a while ago? :P

  2. “Dead Or Alive 5 is going to be massive bouncing norks, see thru panties and cheap thrills.”

    I imagine that this will actually please the DOA fanbase – I have never played one myself, but even i know that they are generally renowned for their norks & other such things.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a TSA headline.

    Wouldn’t want generic boob bounce, that would be patronising and condescending to women!

  4. DOA is brilliant can’t wait for DOA5.

    • Agreed. Despite the perverse exterior they are still great games and a lot of fun. Will certainly buy day one

  5. Meh, I’ll wait for the Super Dead Or Alive: Completely Naked Special Edition

    • Well that’d be the costume specific tech out of the window!

  6. Love the picture title. Straight to the point(s).

  7. Gah! Another game burying a great combat model in a stupid, sexist aesthetic. Shame. Do publishers just think that everyone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s playing beat ’em ups either doesn’t like them any more or that they were trapped in their adolescence forever? I find it difficult to believe that there is no market at all for a beat ’em up in which the female characters wear proper clothes and don’t just grunt out semi-orgasmic noisess every 2.5 seconds. Come on someone – gimme a thematically mature duff em up please.

    • How about an “Up The Duff’em up”, a fighting game feature heavily preggers chicks. They have massive norks.

  8. it’s a shame they seem to be so focused on the sex, because underneath it all, the DOA games are bloody good beatemups.

    mind you, it can’t be worse than the physics for the last DOAX game can it.
    i can’t imagine what they were thinking when they made that game.

    still if the online play works i can see me picking this up.

    i just hope they sort out the ai.

  9. Wait, this is a game!? *zips up his trousers and leaves* I thought it was interactive porn.

    I suppose that actually having a decent fighting is too much to ask from them? It’s not like the series was meant to be a fighting franchise, oh.

    Plus, i can see breast physics on Youtube for free if i venture into the wrong part of it. ;)

  10. Codemasters’ Dirt has independent suspension. Why can’t the DoA girls’ tiddies have the same? Hopefully it’ll come with dual-Move controller support for jiggle-tastic fun. Ooo, you could have a special nipple-twist move where you rotate the Move controller like the DJ in PixelJunk 4AM when he’s playing with the flange.

    Ha! Flange.

    • Tiddies, nipple & flange in the same post – My kinda post. :)

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