Looks Like The First Deus Ex is Coming to PSN

Remember Deus Ex: Human Revolution? That was good, wasn’t it? Perhaps you’re even old enough to remember the first game in the series, simply: Deus Ex. If you played that on your PC, way back in the year 2000 or in 2002 when it was released on the PlayStation 2, you might remember that it was also a top quality game.

Well, if PEGI is to be believed, that old classic is coming to a PlayStation 3 near you very soon. It will most likely be a re-release of the PS2 version, branded as a “classic” and punted onto the PSN Store without much fanfare. It may have been made before last year’s action RPG release but it actually occurs later in the universe’s timeline – Human Revolution was a prequel. For Deus Ex fans, old and new, it’s well worth a play through.


The best bit is that, again according to PEGI, it’s being released yesterday. Yeah, that’s probably just the date that PEGI got to rate it, digital releases being so subject to change. Still, if it’s ready for rating then we guess it must be ready for release. Hopefully we’ll be able to get onto the PSN soon and find out.

There was a second game in the Deus Ex series too, Invisible War. That only ever got a PC and Xbox release so it is, unfortunately, unlikely to make it onto the PSN in this way.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Great news. Never played the older Deus Ex games. I’d pick this up in an instant.

  2. Holy fuck factory! I have fantasised about this for YEARS! My joint fave game ever coming to the big screen in my little house!

  3. Bought this on steam in last years summer sale. Playing stealthily is the hardest thing ever. Back in the day it wasn’t for some reason. Cracking game though!

  4. Maybe I’m getting a little bit grumpier now I’m getting older but the allure of older game rereleases is dwindling for me. I’m finding that I just get disappointed with how they play these days and end up with a tarnished memory of them.

    • Having picked up a ps2 copy of this recently, i’m inclined to agree.

    • Agreed – Nostalgia in most cases should stay as just that.

      • ..Unless they’re simple side-scrollers.

      • Yup, I’d snap up a copy of G Darius or Gradius V in an instant from PSN, HD or not.

  5. Sweet got it on PC and haven’t really played it. Hopefully the allure of trophies will get me to play it.

    • Well I completed it a while back but want to go back to it.

    • If it’s a PS2 Classic won’t that mean there are no trophies? :(

      • True didn’t read that. That is a bit dissapointing as I think the PS2 version from what I remember was a bit crap compared to the PC version. Might give it a miss then.

  6. Haha Invisible War was a piece of turd

    • It was a pretty decent game by itself but compared to the freedom of it’s predecessor it was a bit crap.

  7. i think i’ve got that on disc.
    and though the download version is just that game emulated, i can’t play using the disc i already own, i have to buy it again.

  8. arguably the best game ever made, ill be picking this up on release for a bit of nostalgia, plus itll be sweet to have it on my TV not my monitor.

  9. I picked up Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3 for a steal ($30) and played through it in Jan this year. Great game, absolutely loved it and I’m keen to see what all the fuss with the original was about. Hope this is an HD remake though.

  10. Want this big time.

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