Deus Ex Series Put On Hold As Square Enix Works On Other Projects

Last week one of the big pieces of news was the annoucement of a partnership between Square Enix and Marvel to create games based on Marvel’s vast array of characters. One of the studios that has been given this task is Eidos Montreal, best known for its work on the Deus Ex franchise. Last year saw the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and the way it ends leaves it open for a sequel, but don’t expect that anytime soon.

According to Eurogamer the Deus Ex franchise has been put on hold as the Marvel games take priority, with the site stating that plot elements were left open to explore in another game. In fact some pieces had apparently been cut from Mankind Divided to feature later. Eidos Montreal is first working on the next Tomb Raider game according to Eurogamer while Crystal Dynamics works on the Avengers title. After that is done Eidos Montreal will move on to Marvel.


We don’t know how many years this partnership is going to go on for, but if you’re waiting for a new Deus Ex game don’t hold your breath. There is new content coming though in the form of the A Criminal Past DLC, which is due to release on February 23rd.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. Hopefully the holes in the story will be filled with DLC, I bought the game during the last Steam sale, but haven’t got around to it yet. Kinda feel like I’m getting into a new TV show, knowing that it got cancelled after the first season..

  2. I’ve heard Mankind Divided ends on a massive cliffhanger – can anyone confirm that?

    I was actually going to buy the game once I have the room for it and the full experience (incl. dlc) hits a sale but if the story feels unfinished then I’ll Pass.

    That’s why I’ve resisted something like Blues and Bullets as they have only managed to make two episodes so far.

    • The massive cliffhanger comes during the ending credits if I remember correctly.

  3. Square-Enix is smelling more money coming from the JRPG genre again! ;)

  4. Or, y’know, the huge multi-game deal they just revealed with Marvel.. ;)

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