PSN Maintenance Hits Again: Seven Hours Today

Looks like there’s going to be about seven hours of PSN maintenance today, starting at midnight on the 3rd, Japan time, according to Sony.

We get that to be from 4pm today onwards, UK time, and thus affects our WipEout 2048 meet and will mean today’s Store Update won’t be immediately browsable – please see update below.


The Japanese PSN state tends to be updated more often and with more notice than anywhere else, so it might be worth keeping an eye on this page in future.

This particular downtime was listed there two days ago.

The maintenance will definitely affect the PS Store, and possibly Account Management and Account Registration. We’ll update with confirmation if any is forthcoming.

Sony Europe seem to think it’s next week.

Update: Sony have confirmed today’s maintenance but highlighted that it’s little more than a Store thing, so everything else will be unaffected.  The information above will carry over to next week’s update though.



  1. So pathetic… >_>

    • that’s it i’m buying a 360!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Whaaaaat? This is getting ridiculous…

  3. Good lord – Should we be worried about all this maintenance? It’s all happening a bit too regularly for my liking. It’s practically a weekly event these days!

    • Also, it may be worth keeping an eye on the Japanese page linked above… When i can actually read Japanese. :S

      Or y’know, SCEE could get their bloody act together & start giving people the relevant notice… In English! It’s probably too bizarre a concept for them to get their heads round i realise, but we can dream i suppose.

      • I was going to have a rant about Sony just giving people notice or not, but is this scheduled?

      • I would suppose it is scheduled if the Japanese site was giving notice two bloody days ago!

        Either way though, as i have said before, it’s happening way too often, for way too long, with no notice & no-one ever mentions what they are doing it for (or at least hoping to achieve).

        I don’t know any other service that operates like this & its actually beginning to grate a little.

      • Ah yes. Two days ago is ridiculous. Didn’t see that bit (flicking between TSA and work does that!). Completely agree with you, I’m getting pretty fed up with the late notice provided. We shouldn’t have to rely on gaming news sites to alert us of maintenance.

  4. Yay! Not being able to access the store after work is the one thing that everyone loves. *sarcasm* Why on Update day? Why? Also, this is starting to get a bit silly now. At least oh wait, they only let us know a few bloody hours before so if you are at work, you are screwed if you had planned to play some online MP to relax this evening.

  5. Well at least it isn’t on a day when the store is updated for an entire region of the PSN and not on a day when all the PS+ content is added for the month. Oh wait.

    • Ooops said someone in Sony. You couldn’t make it up could you.

  6. this is actually pissing me off now. Sony could lose customers over this.

  7. Well f*ck-a-doodle-do.
    Ah well, looks like 360 night has now been confirmed for me tonight.

  8. SCEE a region where people support Sony & buy their products over those of their rival, despite non-existent to crap advertising, frequently weaker promos compared to US & constant weekly prime-time maintenance..

    It’s laughable the lengths Sony goto to sell stuff in the US, but practically urinate in the faces of UK/EU customers who lap up, whatever it is they’re selling.

    • 1) wow, bitter much? 2) What’s this go to do with PSN maintainence which covers all territories including the US?

      • relating to time scheduling, its being carried out at a time of day that coincides with ‘prime’ gaming time in a territory that is pretty damn loyal to Sony

      • And that is down the Japanese, not the US. They set the maintainence times.

      • It’s always SCEE customers with the shitty end of their stick

    • I always feel like a schmuck when dealing with Sony, particularly being an Australian gamer. Oh you want that PSN game? That will be 25% extra just for being an Australian. Oh really you wanted that ps+ reward that was offered in the US, too bad, your Australian. You wanted to play that beta? Nope, your Australian. Valve on the other hand… treats my like a prince :D

    • It’s also partially responsible for me spending more and more time on my PC than on my PS3.

      • Same reason why I’ll be on the 360 tonight.

    • There may be a little confusion here but I’m not sure. There is extended maintenance to all Sony first party titles in the EU region starting tomorrow (03-05-12), as well as the lengthy downtime next week (09-05-12). I don’t know if the JPN site is clear on which type of maintenance is occurring today/tomorrow.

  9. Well I’ve been a staunch defender of Sony’s maintenance work up until now, but even I’ve got to admit the frequency of this is getting ridiculous. It’s never prevented me from logging in and playing, but to do it in store update day is just dumb.

    • If they publicised the strategy we’d all be more forgiving. Even for me, this is getting ridiculous and I couldn’t care less (99% of the time).

      • You asume they even have a strategy… :P

    • Same as Tony, usually do not care at all about maintenance as I must be a lucky person who is always able to sign in and play online during the times. But its becoming too frequent and placed on stupid days, store update day! saying that it was completely find for me downloading all my PS+ goodies.

  10. So I’m guessing we won’t have a store update today then. The frequency of maintenance is ridiculous, even if it is security updates, why are there so many issues that need to be fixed so regularly?

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