Continuing The Origin Conversation

EAs digital store, Origin, tends to get a bit of a bashing on the old interweb, and now it’s your turn to join in.

EA have posted on their blog asking for you, yes you, to comment on what your favourite feature is and a missing feature you would like to see.

Most of the comments aren’t too bad but who’s to say they haven’t been stealth editing out the less glamorous of opinions.

CharlieUtter has left my personal favourite so far.

(1) I like the uninstaller. (2) Please add a feature to purchase and play EA games through Steam.

So what do you think? Like it or hate it? Let us know. Oh you might have to be a member of Origin to comment.

Funny that…



  1. ha ha, thats comment says it all I think.

  2. Every market needs competition, and steam basically has a monopoly at the moment. Because Valve are awesome, they haven’t abused their power yet but one day who knows. I love steam and have nearly 100 games on it, the thought of having to open a separate client just for a handful of EA games is infuriating. This is why I won’t buy any origin games.

    • Oh I wouldn’t say that – being unable to buy an expansion pack unless you have bought the main game on Steam is pretty abusive and entirely restrictive on consumer choice. So if you buy the original game in the shop and then join steam and look to buy the expansion digitally through Valves store, you’re out of luck.

  3. I have Origin as well as Steam, I’m annoyed that I have to use it but it’s hardly a huge problem – I just don’t have it open when I’m not playing a game that requires its use.

    I’d still prefer to have them all through Steam. Forcing Origin on me is silly. Valve may have a Monopoly, if you like, but it’s because they’re the very best at what they’re doing. There are plenty of other places you can buy games digitally, they haven’t beaten Steam because they’re not as good.

    • That’s the key point, there are loads of digital stores, Steam only seems to have the monopoly because it’s the best at what it does… It’s the way EA force Origin on you that annoys

      Also it’s the attitude of the companies; Valve & EA are both huge companies one wants to make great products and services for you to give them money and the other wants to make damn good products that will bleed you dry.

  4. Competition is good except they need to do something different & better than the incumbents, Origin isn’t even close & as such it’s a completely unnecessary annoyance.

    That’s the polite version.

  5. Origin is just lazy with its choice of games, yes! there’s 3rd party publishers like Capcom on board and it has a few of the industries biggest games but there is little effort to bring any original games, exclusives even classic games which is just horrible.

    For that reason its Steam and GOG for me, forever.

  6. Haha, I love the quoted comment, simply brilliant. Im sure lots of fussy people like me only want one game distribution service on their PC, Steam is so well established that EA might as well bite the bullet and use it again, if only to boost sales. Then the can offer DLC exclusively through Origin in-game, eh?

  7. i’ve got no problems with origin. they’ve had some great sales and are no better/worse then steam imo.

  8. i don’t have a problem with origin.
    because i never have and if i have my way, never will use it.

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