Steam And Origin Hit By DDoS Attacks

Both Steam and Origin have been hit with DDoS attacks, causing outages to the services.

One of the muppets – let’s not call them hackers because they are not – has been tweeting screens of the software he (or she) is using to take down Origin.

EA seem to be aware of the attacks and have tweeted that they are investigating the problem. The Origin service does seem to be running for some users but Steam is still down and Valve has yet to respond to the problem.

Source: Kotaku / Polygon


  1. Well, they can have Origin….But Steam? Seems a little excessive to me.

    Anyone mentioned a reason for all this?

    • because they’re a bunch of selfish, malicious twats?

      the muppets i mean, not Origin or Steam.

  2. Surely someone, somewhere, must be working on a way to make servers immune to these attacks.

  3. They’re getting exactly what they want with sites like TSA writing about them.

  4. The sooner these ejits go back to school the better. Bored kids thinking they’re some elite hacker group.

  5. Very frustrating.
    Only want to log on and craft another badge :(

  6. Truly sad little children are these fools. As said in the article their not hackers. I just don’t understand why it’s done.

  7. Is it those TWERP guys again?

    • Yep afraid it is, they now have 53k+ followers on twitter it’s a joke. chFtheCat took down steam and Derp took down Origin. They will keep doing this and they are now requesting followers to join in with the attacks (which they are) plenty of comments saying bring down PSN, one comment even says “can I speak to you because it would be an honor” like wtf. They also take requests so nobodies safe to be honest.

      • This is what the NSA, GCHQ should be using their resources to stop.

  8. 100% Agree with beeje13, I mean why not attack WBBC (which they have done) but if they focused on pedos and sex offenders at least there is a reason behind it. I think us gamer’s now need the Jesters help, if you don’t know who he is look him up on twitter great guy helps out companies with their security flaws, even has his laptop in the national spy museum lol.

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