EA’s Global Product Manager Calls Black Ops II “Tired”

Kevin O’Leary is my new hero.

“Poor #blackops2 you look tired,” he said on Twitter overnight, “you should take a year off and rest.”


Who’s Kevin O’Leary? EA’s Global Product Manager, responsible for Warfighter. He’s one of the few people in this ‘industry’ that’s bold enough to come out with what a good chunk of people are thinking, and his subsequent tweets echo the idea that he’s just speaking his mind.

As he’s perfectly entitled to do.

Whether or not Black Ops II looks tired or not (there’s certainly a dash of innovation going on) is up for discussion, but the world would be a much richer place if people didn’t all fawn over each other and pretend everything’s all shiny and happy with competition.

“In case any other news outlets are following me,” he joked, “I’d like to be quoted on things like cars, snowboarding, GoPros, haikus & extreme sleeping.”

Of course, let’s wait and see what Warfighter comes up with, eh Kevin?



  1. He’s just pissy because Treyarch are actually capable of making a decent FPS whereas MOH games since Allied Assault (released on the PC back in 2002) have sucked the hairy meatball… :P

    • Haha, true.

      • ha ha very true indeed

      • MoH Airbourne, Rising Sun on the Gamecube, and the reboot all disagree with that statement.

      • last game was great imo.

      • …to each their own I guess but I thought they were horrible.

  2. It’s amusing then that the first Warfighter trailer was closely compared to Call of Duty. To be fair he’s probably right but I don’t understand why these senior people bitch like children – just concentrate on making your product better. I guess he’s frustrated that a seemingly inferior game keeps outselling EA’s counterparts. Plus I doubt the developers of Black Ops care (sadly) since they’ll make a shit load of cash.

    • I honestly reckon they only bitch to get the names of their products back onto the lips and forums of gamers at a time when the talk is mostly of their rival. Might be cynical but it’s what I reckon.

      • You’re probably right actually! And I don’t think it’s even accurate – whilst the visuals don’t exactly look amazing, Treyarch appear to be trying things that other CoD games haven’t done previously so to say it looks “tired” is just petty. I’m looking forward to both games.

      • It’s a proven business tactic for underdogs

        Every time the market leader is mentioned, you have to say something about it so your product is reported on in the same article with the idea being that end users come to think of the underdog and the market leader in the same way.

        It’s proven to work, except it didn’t turn out so well for Pepsi

        Of course that means they’ll be spouting crap for the next 6 months so the gaming press will regurgitate their marketing tactic like only the gaming press can.

      • I see – although in my mind, it makes me dislike EA for being so petty. They bitched last year everytime CoD was mentioned and it still out-sold them. Can’t say I’ve noticed it as much with other underdogs, but then CoD is the biggest selling game and makes headlines. As you mentioned, I hope EA don’t dominate this genre too, it would be bad for competition.

      • by tired i presume he means the engine, even from the trailer it looks a generation behind frostbite 2. although despite the poor engine and graphics it still somehow looks like it might be the first good call of duty game since modern warfare.

  3. Usually comments like this get retracted after a few hours, but good on him if he keeps it up. And yeh I wouldn’t be too cocky after the last medal of honor.

  4. TBH BlOps2 looks pretty great & Warface or whatever it’s called looks the usual generic nonsense everyone’s tired of.

    Remember it’s EA stated tactic of doing everything they can to get their product mentioned in the same sentence as BlOps, it’s the old Pepsi challenge all over again.

    Given EA’s dominance in practically every genre other than FPS, can’t help thinking it would be bad for competition & therefore gamers if they were to win here too.

    • Ahhhh, the Pepsi Challenge. I remember getting a badge or two from those shopping centre stalls. It takes me back and shows my age.

      • I never actually found it that much of a challenge – Generally, Coke had a richer taste & Pepsi was generally sweeter.

        Not sure i could do it with the diet versions of each though, as they both just taste like saccharin to me.

  5. He`s kinda right though, not that Medal of Honor or Warfighter looks any different from the other Me-too Modern Warfare games.

    Aside from the interesting setting (to give the devil his due) it still looks damn creaky from the video i saw.
    This could be because ive been running FPS`s at 1080p on DX11 for the last two years sure but i see what he means by tired.

  6. Isn’t EA that company which publishes several of the same franchises every year? I thought so…

    • very true….fifa the most tired out of all games on the market I think

      • Certainly not, there’s been more innovation in the last few years for FIFA than most franchise have ever seen.

      • playing football? Its the same thing with small differences, pretty much like COD. If you go back to the first FIFA then perhaps, but year on year its no different.

  7. So, EA hasn’t been trying to push its own contemporary warfare shooters?

    It’s all business. If Activision put a hold on CoD for one year, that’s enough for EA to finally get the upper hand. For me, Treyarch have been the real innovators, it’s MW that has been feeling a little stale since its second iteration.

    I’m usually one of the last people to spring to the defence of CoD, but this year it’s trying something new which can’t be said of Medal of Honor.

    • Agreed with you dude, if there are enough changes in this CoD I’ll be getting it just due to zombies and the SP. I prefer Treyarch games to this gens IW games.

  8. Quite frankly, this reminds me of the Driver 3 devs including a hidden character called “Timmy Vermicelli”, who wore armbands.
    This was a dig at the fact that Tommy Vercetti in GTA: VC could not swim and Tanner in Driver 3 could.

    My feelings are essentially the same: Shut up and concentrate on making your game better than the competition, rather than bad-mouthing them.

    In Driver 3’s case it was pathetic as it was a disappointing installment and GTA: VC is still hailed as one of the best of its type (if not of any genre).
    Time will tell if Warfighter can justify such claims, but I personally won’t hold my breath.

    • i dunno, the driver thing seemed like a joke that just wasn’t as funny as they’d hoped.

      this is just cynical marketing bs.

  9. this from ea?
    the same ea that built its business on identikit annual franchise?

    i can smell the bullshit from here.

    for the record, i don’t like the COD series, i don’t think that one game dominating is good for the industry, not when it means crappy companies like ea just churn out copycat versions.
    but if it sticks one over on ea, then i wish it all the best.

    incidentally though, the new one looks interesting, from a story standpoint.
    all these high tech tools, what happens when somebody else takes control?

    that could well be a very topical story with the rise in hacking these days.

    in conclusion.
    frak ea. ^_^

  10. And so, the next 6 months of COD-bashing from EA begins…

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