The Elder Scrolls Online Revealed

It looks like that anonymous source back in May was right, after all: ZeniMax and Bethesda are working on an MMO set inside the Elder Scrolls’ Universe.


We were told to expect an announcement in May, that it would be named Elder Scrolls online, that the game would include three player factions and that it would be set earlier than any of the other Elder Scrolls games; it looks like that’s all true, with Game Informer teasing their June cover and trickling out some details including that it’ll be set a millennium before Skyrim.

The MMO is based around the daedric lord, Molag Bal, attempting to pull Tamriel – in its entirety – into a demonic realm.

It looks to take the scale and exploration of the previous games and blend them with social aspects to create the biggest – and perhaps most important – Elder Scrolls game yet. Game Informer also tease solo quests, public dungeons and a “player-driven PvP conflict that pits the three player factions against each other in open-world warfare”.

“It will be extremely rewarding finally to unveil what we have been developing the last several years,” says the game director, Matt Firor, known for his work on Dark Age of Camelot. He goes on to state that “The entire team is committed to creating the best MMO ever made – and one that is worthy of The Elder Scrolls franchise.”

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like it should do the franchise justice – it has been in development for several years. The game is pencilled in for PC and Mac release in 2013 – there’s no word on console versions – and there will be a teaser trailer, along with a screenshot surfacing tomorrow, with even more content to follow in the coming months.

An MMO feels like a perfect fit for this series, so let’s hope it will match the quality of the other Elder Scrolls games. Are you ready to experience a fully online world of Tamriel like never before?



  1. yay.. erm I don’t think its worth getting excited for it. Skyrim was basically like Oblivion but toned down a bit, I wonder if you can make spells *rolls eyes*

    Anyway if it works, money is gone..

  2. It won’t be an Elder Scrolls game as they are usually about one indiviual who ends up living up to their destiny as it was foretold in the Elder Scrolls. That doesn’t work in an MMO. Plus, you will get selfish people who will murder every NPC they see which makes the quests unavailable, and if that isn’t enough, procceed to attack you.

    Plus, your achievements won’t feel that grand when everyone else has done the same things as you. Have a bad feeling this may mean the death of the Elder Scrolls as we know it and the rise of TSE online only. :S

    I fear that the worst thing about this will be no Maiq the liar! NO MAIQ!

    • You could say the same thing for Skyrim. Everybody has achieved what you have achieved. Now you have the change to achieve even more now that you can team up with others. That’s how MMOs work. Final Fantasy did a great job with XI and they came from a singleplayer franchise.

      • *chance

      • Yeah, but not everyone did what you did in the same game on the same playthrough. Being the Dragonborn is excellent but seeing another Dragonborn followed by a Dragonborn army would cause being Dovahkin to be less epic and more of job title in Skyrim.

      • I’m sure they will think of things that give people a sense of achievement. I’d say we wait and see where they take this. :)

  3. I rather like MMO’s but cant justify a monthly/yearly payment. I will see the pricing first before getting excited.

  4. I adore the Elder Scrolls games and I really think Tamriel is a wonderful world to play games in. I do not want an MMO in that place though. Being the legend, solitary travelling, feeling like the world is there to interact with and it’s not going to reply with a string of expletives or barely literate txtspk! is a huge part of why I love that world and those games.

    Talking to people in Tamriel with names like “xxXfUcKknuCklE420Xxx” is going to make me want to hurt people too. I will, I’ll go to a very dark place if they fuck about and let morons pollute that world!

    • I agree. I think Tameriel has enough trolls as it is so it doesn’t need more trolls. ;)

      Plus, i think most people will treat it as deathmatch and kill you just after you have completed a hard as feck dungeon that has taken you hours to complete. Or insult you when you kill them in self defense, or insult you when you speak to them and ask if they want to do a quest with you. And probably camp. Oh god, invisiblitily spells will be abused. T-T

    • there`ll be guilds for people who hold those views, imagine it`d be alot similar to the assasins guild.

    • I guess they could establish an RPG server for die hard immersion fans. And who’s to say that pvp will be enabled all the time? They made games before, you know. I’m sure they thought of these things.

    • yh man h8 ppl lyk dat

      we shud clan up wen its out m8

      • HAHA! Fuck Knuckle 420 you DA MAN!

        Look all these points your making are all this things they’ll be thinking about, and you make it seem like this is the first MMO ever. They know all these problems, they won’t be fucking it up so easily, there’s a lot bigger problems that might not be looked at, saying some one killing you after a quest, that’s no different to any other MMO. Most people won’t be acting like that, nor will it be so easily allowed, there will be PVP servers and such, so if you don’t want to ever be in that situation then don’t play in those servers and you’ll be safe. And there are invisibility in WOW and such, it will be fine they will balance out the game. Have faith.

  5. To be honest there will be idiots in Tamriel that must die but as warriors. Thesixthaxis can unite under meets as guilds whatever can be done, travel the world and rid the land of evil.

    Its exciting prospects but is a game that is met in doubt. /waits for trailers and falls to the staff of hype.

  6. Do not want.

  7. Goodbye money, it was nice knowing you :)

  8. i think the idea is cool and i have wondered (for a long time) how an elder scrolls game would be if it were MMO, but don’t think it will be soo awesome as many will believe so… but we will find out 2013…

    wonder if it will allow u to create ur own lobbys so u can invite friends and such, but it’s unlikely to happen…
    and they want to create thhe best MMO ever made? it will be hard to beat when WoW was at its peak!

  9. “let’s hope it will match the quality of the other Elder Scrolls games”.

    I hope not. Otherwise you’ll be rebooting every time you wade into a pond while chasing a backwards-flying dragon.

    Seriously though, keep my Elder Scrolls games single player! There’s more than enough multi-player franchises out there already without a World of DaedraCraft. How crap would the game be if idiots kept stealing your dragon kills and making off with the souls.

  10. My PC has no hope of running this (much like every other new PC game) so unless it gets a console release, its another PC game I can look longingly at.

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