Ubisoft Lock Assassin’s Creed III Trailer Behind Twitter And Facebook Total

Have to say, I can’t stand it when companies do this, but I do understand the masses of free press such actions garner.


Regardless, it’s becoming more and more common – so here goes. Basically, Ubisoft want gamers to tweet, post, and email friends about this page – and when that’s done 1,776,000 times, we’ll all get a gameplay trailer for Assassin’s Creed III.

That number, 1776, is the year America declared independence from the British Empire.

Then it was multiplied by a thousand, so that there’s lots of nice gamer-related traffic to that page and – thus – lots of hype and buzz. Which I’ve probably just unwittingly contributed towards in some cruel twist of fate.

Read our first hand preview with the game here.



  1. New twisty hidden blade thing looks cool.
    Generally quite a good teaser. Look forward to the proper trailer coming but don’t like the methods of promoting it.

  2. As much as I’d like to see the full-lenght trailer, I’m not contributing.

  3. U-bi-soft in the head if you like spam on your facebook.

    • Oh Dear!
      Oh no!
      You didn’t just go there!

      And other such exclamations of disappointment.

      • You expected better from me..? I’ll take that as a compliment! ;-)

  4. Hate this kind of thing. Do NOT like.

  5. Can we please stop locking trailers and then unlocking them once a certain number has been reached on FB and twitter? As i expect to be able to watch the damm trailer not a teaser for a trailer.

    The in game engine is impressive though and would give the Uncharted engine a run for it’s money graphics wise.

  6. They acctually shaped the tomahawk like the assasins symbol…so chessy

  7. yeah, i’ll jump through hoop to see your video promoting your game. NOT!

    seriously, what school of marketing teaches that keeping promo videos about your game away from people is a good idea?

    it’s like only giving out demos to people who preorder, when those people will presumably already have made their mind up to get the game anyway.

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