Nine Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid On PS Vita

Watch nine minutes of Konami’s upcoming PS Vita version of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, via ConsoleCreature, featuring Brand Manager Kevin Vlaming.


Looking lovely.



  1. Looking forward to this. Still a shame that Peace Walker wasn’t included.

  2. Looking good, i like the way the touch screen makes up for the ‘missing’ shoulder buttons.

    • I was getting annoyed with the way the guy kept zooming in on the cutscene. I just wanna watch it, man!

      • That’s just during the cutscenes – that was a feature of the original ps2 games btw. Skip forward – they do show some gameplay.

  3. very nice will be getting.

  4. Keep your thumbs still you plank!

    • I mean – in the beginning of the video ;)

  5. It def puts the 3DS version to shame.

  6. This looks bad ass, the older games probably look better on a smaller screen too as any imperfections aren’t magnified.

  7. I’ve not played an MGS game excluding the MGS4 demo so i’m not really sure if i’ll enjoy this. Too many cutscenes and i’m terrible at stealth.

  8. Still dont know whether to get this on vita or ps3 so I can have pace walker. Any one got any good ideas?

    • I’d say go with the PS3 version, It’s out now, it’ll probs be cheaper than the Vita version as it’s been out longer. Plus your getting the three games (well five if your counting MG & MG2:SS) instead of two for Vita.

      Also for me, MGS is a big screen game. I got PW on PSP and it just didnt feel right on a handheld.

    • Get on vita if reasonably priced then download peace walker. Job done but you will almost certainly end up, quite literally, paying a premium to have them all on vita.

      • Unless u game on the go a LOT, then ps3 version for sure. There’s just no excuse to be the same price ona vita for 2 games, as the ps3 is for 3 games. Even if u download PW on vita, it doesn’t look great because of the psp port, it’s £15.99 ATM, and you’ll be missing out on trophies for it ;-)

      • @stueee fair comment. Wasn’t thinking about trophy side of things. Cost will play quite a factor in this one. Personally thing I love most about the vita is that I can game on the sofa next to the missus while she watches reality tv tat and I get my gaming mojo on. Now THATS what I call quality time together;)

      • @ stueeeee, sorry about the name typo. Just too many damn es in there!

  9. Does anyone know whether what the frame rate is suppose to be? I know the console versions are “60fps” looks like 30 in the video to me.

  10. its really kool that your able to use the back trackpad to attack, it means u can do other actions simultaneously. e.g. change camera angle while attacking, which is very hard on all console games

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