Starhawk Will Have Free Map Packs

Starhawk launches this week on PlayStation 3 and to celebrate Lightbox Interactive that all map packs will be free.

That’s not just a promotional thing either. Whenever a new map pack is released it will be available to download for free. Lightbox Interactive has also released concept art for the first map pack, entitled Cypress.


There will still be paid DLC for Starhawk but Lightbox Interactive have not decided on precisely what that will be. In other news Starhawk will feature as a game in Major League Gaming with the first tournament having $20,000 worth of prizes.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. That’s very good of Lightbox. Wish more developers would do this

  2. The Warhawk expansions were great stuff, hoping for something similar but in a larger scale.

  3. Excellent news. Chances are if the map packs are as good as the Warhawk ones were, I would’ve happily paid for them. Thank you Lightbox.

  4. Yay! Love this !

  5. wow, well done Lightbox, thats great news. This doesn’t happen all that often. Lets hope there are plenty of maps on release too. The pics for that map pack look amazing too.

  6. Warhawk’s maps and additional modes were brilliant

    10 maps included as standard followed by free map packs to sweeten the deal followed by premium map packs with new modes would be awesome

    • nice amount of maps included as standard, lovely jubbly.

  7. Great news. So, so tempted to pre-order now.

  8. Refreshing approach.

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