The Fullbright Company Announces ‘Gone Home’

The Fullbright Company, founded last week by former Bioshock devs Steve Gaynor, Johnnemann Nordhagen, and Karla Zimonja, has announced its first game.

The game is called ‘Gone Home’ and will focus on exploration, in this case a modern residence. The aim of the game is to investigate what happened in the house through interactive exploration. The Fullbright Company has released in game screenshots and a work in progress video.


The game is currently in its pre-alpha stage.

Source: TheFullbrightCompany



  1. Sounds…um…good? Why don’t you make something more than a tech-demo, then we can talk.

  2. Fresh.

  3. I like exploration games. I’ve just started playing Silent Hill 1 and as I’ve never played it before it feels like fresh and exciting to play because you’re not concerned with much but finding your way around to work out how to get to such and such place by following clues. The lack of trophies probably helped me feel good about the game as I wasn’t concentrating on not dying or what have you, it was about finding your way around like the good old days of gaming when you weren’t so inclined on finding a guide as you probably didn’t know they existed at that age. My youth did prohibit me from getting passed the first room of Metal Gear Solid 2 and of Men In Black however.. I’m looking into finding games like that of Silent Hill 1 [the HD collection is probably going to be played in the near future] and this looks like it could be one so I’m gonna keep an eye out for it in what is probably the distant future unfortunately.

  4. Looks interesting. Not sure about the Cel-shade though. It’s a pretty overused concept nowadays.

  5. Not a hugely impressive demo but a good storyline could make it quite interesting.

  6. It was Professor Plum in the kitchen with a candlestick.

  7. Looks like an old school adventure puzzler. Very interesting.

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