Bioshock Vita Gets Release Date

OK, maybe this is a load of old Vita baloney, but Zavvi have updated their preorder page for the Vita game with a release date. And the date is much sooner than expected.

Just now the page is announcing that the 7th of September is when we can come to expect it. The reason my pessimistic radar is currently bleeping is due to a story Peter ran at the end of April, clearly stating that the game was on hold until Infinite was complete.


Does this mean Bioshock Infinite is nearly done? Is the Vita game that I am oh so craving almost upon us? Or have Zavvi just wasted my time by getting me all excited over nothing?

We will see.

Source: Zavvi.



  1. They’re pulling your leg methinks. Still, I have a glimmer of hope that it’s true

  2. I think i’ll wait for an announcement before getting too excited :)

  3. I fear its a ruse to get pre orders up

  4. I personally don’t see it being out this year

  5. September? No way. Maybe next years september.

  6. Did it ever come out of the paper stage cause that’s the last news i remember on the matter?

  7. October 2013 I reckon.

  8. I’m pretty sure Infinite isn’t due out until October, therefore I would think a September release is unlikely, unless they feel Bioshock on Vita would see fewer sales if people have already purchased Infinite.

  9. This is Zavvi so no, I don’t believe a word of it.

  10. Is this game based in Rapture or Colombia, or unconfirmed?

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