Deus Ex Confirmed For PSN, Alongside Other PS2 Classics

The Square Enix blog has confirmed that Deus Ex will be hitting the PSN next week priced at £7.99.

News of its arrival leaked out when PEGI rated the game last week.


Other classics include Just Cause (which is on the store today) and will be joined by Conflict Desert Storm 2 on 23rd May and Conflict Vietnam on 30th May.

The games will cost €9.99 / £7.99 each, Conflict Vietnam will be slightly cheaper.

Source: Square Enix



  1. Basically all the Eidos games then, I bet they’d be releasing Tomb Raider or even Legacy of Kain next maybe Hitman would be nice.

    • Hitman would be great, but we’re not that lucky.

  2. I want to see Red Faction rereleased on the PSN.

    • I thought it was already on there.

    • Hopefully ‘Red Faction 2’ will come to PSN to. The 4 player split-screen mode with ‘nameable’ Bots was brilliant :P

    • That was my fav ps2 shooter me & my lil sister when she played video games then, we played that versus bots or again each other. Ah those where the days before Cod came

  3. Conflict Desert Storm was one of my favourite Xbox games. Literally hundreds of hours playing 4 player co-op :D

    • Agreed, although avoid Vietnam….a very dissapointing entry to the series :(

  4. Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 please

    • NOO. They should have a HD remake.

    • Noooo they should have a texture remake

    • NOO! They should have a 3DS remake :-P

    • Noooo, they should have a ZX Spectrum remake!

    • Noooo, they should be re-enacted by an amateur dramatics group!

    • C-C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker! They should announce KH3!!

      • Your comment reminded me of Killer Instinct would love to play that game again.

    • Kingdom Hearts 1&2 please ;)

      • Noooo, they should forsake the main series for a decade in favour of pumping out handheld spin-offs that only serve to add to the increasingly complex plot!


  5. another game i can only play emulated on my ps3 if i buy it again from the store, and not from the disc i already have.

    the ps3 has a perfectly serviceable drive.
    but no, i can’t use that.
    gotta buy it again.

    • £ut why do that? ;)

    • All PS3’s use the EXACT same firmware. PS3s without the Graphic Synthesizer chip can’t play PS2 games from the disc. I’m sure these PS2 games are recoded to play on PS3 otherwise nearly all of the PS2 games would have been on PS Store.
      There’s no doubt GTA3, VC and SA would have been on PS Store if it was tht easy.

      • There once was a time, you know, when PS3’s could play PS2 and PS1 discs. You know, the things you can’t play anymore…..

      • I thought they still played PS1 disks?
        *runs off to try his FF games*

      • I reckon it’s because the blu-ray drive is slower than the hard drive.
        Emulation without the chip is possible only when read from the HDD because of the increased speed.

      • you’re reaching there, because the drive is too slow?

        really? O_O

      • If its the case of the drive being slow to read then why not let people copy the game to the PS3 HDD?

      • It’s just a theory.
        It’s more likely that the downloaded games have to be recoded though.
        I meant the slow drive thing as an alternative theory, although I do think it makes sense. Isn’t it the reason we still have some ridiculous installs and longer loading times than the 360 for some multi-platform games?

        As to why Sony wouldn’t let us copy them? Probably because I’d copy all my games, and then my friend could, and another…
        Basically the same reasons we’re not allowed copy a blu-ray game onto the hdd.

      • you can copy games to the hard drive on the 360, you just have to keep the disc in while you play it.
        and no piracy.
        but logical thought like that seems beyond sony most of the time.

        and maybe the games are recoded somehow, but i believe they just got the software emulator working well enough and they decided to only allow it to work with downloaded games.

        if some hacker can create a ps2 emulator for the ps3 sony can too.

        i guess somebody will have to take one of those downloaded files apart and compare it to the original version on a disc.

        and lastly, from what i’ve read, on wikipedia so it may not be totally accurate, the drive in the ps3 is twice as fast at reading dvds as the ps2 drive was.

  6. Still have Conflict Desert Storm 2, played it when my PS3 died recently, still enjoyed it :)

  7. Now that the PS4 is about to be announced, PS2 games appear on the PS3. Sigh.

    • Well at least there’s more games.

  8. Rogue Galaxy and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. And Xenosaga :D

  10. Great price. It’s around 10$ on GOG.

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