First Screens Land For Vita Exclusive “Soul Sacrifice”

Japanese magazine Famitsu has gone live with the first screens and details for upcoming Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice.

The game is being developed by Marvelous AQL, and overseen by Keiji Inafune.


The game’s title comes from the fact that you’ll need to make sacrifices to ‘pay’ for magic, which for lower level stuff is just things you’ll find on the ground.

For the top tier magic, be prepared to give up body parts, as can be seen in the crazy artwork over on Famitsu.



  1. Some of the artwork detailing the high level magic is insane! Dude ripping out his own spine to use as a sword!

  2. Very green…but great too! I feel that competition for Monster hunter like this could make the genre refreshing again, after Capcom’s monopoly on the market.

    • Yeah the palette seems a bit dull but hopefully it will look better in motion. I’m looking forward to seeing some gameplay footage.

  3. If this doesn’t shift Vita units in Japan then that’s it, it’s over.

    • you remind me of what people used to say about the PS3 we no how that turned out.

      • :)

        I was trying to convey that this will definitely shift Vitas. I think the Vita will be fine. I’m looking for a big E3.

      • same hoping Vita goes games mad at E3.

    • I new IP with lots of gore! Sounds like that will be loved by Japan /sarcasm

      Seriously though, this could help in Japan, it may not. But there’s no “over”.

      • Hopefully will be released in the west also.

  4. Finally some Vita game news! Looks ok but we hardly know anything about this game, yet

    • Proper info should come tomorrow right? There’s gonna be some sort of announcement, maybe even gameplay trailer.

  5. Also looks like another RPG will be released. Ragnarok Odyssey is releasing for the west on the 21th August.

  6. Very Japanese

  7. So excited can’t wait.. What rip out a spine for a spine?!…. COOL.

  8. Are you sure Kenji Inafune is overseeing this? I won’t try to just judge a book from it’s cover, but it looks appallingly contrived :P

  9. Just give me demon or dark souls on the Vita Sony damn it!!!

    • Yeah but at least there is a new IP. I want DS on the Vita but, unless they’re not? maybe a few will end up breaking the console rather than a controller.. oh dear. Maybe its what Sony fear, all the systems that will need fixed *prepare to die.

  10. That artwork is just crazy!

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