Futurlab’s Velocity Tops The Metacritic PSP Chart

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber you owe it to yourself to get Velocity – regardless of whether you’ve got a PSP or not, because a) it’s free, and b) works on a PlayStation 3 or a Vita. It looks particularly lovely on the latter.

Dan scored it a 10/10 in our review, but Metacritic says it got a 9 from Pocket Gamer, a 9 from Edge and a 9 from Push Square. It also scored a 5/5 on PSNStores.com, although that review isn’t listed on Metacritic.


That gives the game, a top-down shooter/puzzler, a meta score of 92, the highest on the list, above God of War and Grand Theft Auto.

Impressive, for a humble indie studio.



  1. #1 on Gamerankings once they move it over with a 93%


  2. Omg! You called them Indie!! But they are on the PSN and given away on PS+! Which means they *heart* Sony!!

    Notch is going to hunt you down and kill you!!!! BEWARE THE NOTCHMONSTER! BEWARE!!! BEEEWARRREE!!!!

    Also: Yay Futurlab!

  3. <3 Velocity

    It is great, absolutely awesome.

    Deserves any & all success or recognition that comes its way.

  4. Hmm I can’t find the game on the store?

    • Me neither. SCEE has fucked it up and only put it up on the UK store it seems…

    • Dammit just got a reply on twitter and they said it won’t be released here in Sweden… They did say if it sell well which it probably will they will release it later.

      • But, but… It’s exclusive to PS+ members. Which means it can’t sell well… Sigh…

        Anyways… It’s not on my store here in denmark either. Only found it on the US one, and I’m not planning on getting + just for a mini.

      • Not available in Norway either…

      • We’re working on this now. Will have an update asap.

    • It’s only for PS+ right now, until next week’s general release.

  5. Usually hate this sort of arcade-inspired game with a passion but Velocity has really won me over. Perfect Minis game for Vita owners.

  6. Lol ouch. Given it must have cost a lot more to produce GoW/GTA those devs must be really miffed that a low-budget game has knocked them off top spot. Well done guys :)

  7. Sounds promising, I’ll be sure to pick it up. But Minis shouldn’t fall into the PSP chart as they are very different titles. With much lower production costs and much lower expectations and prices. They’re more comparable to games on mobile-phones. Not saying they can’t be good, just that it doesn’t seem right.

    • I’d agree with that. There is no way when reviewers were going nuts over Velocity’s visuals, etc they were using the likes of God of War and GTA as comparisons. Makes the concept of reviews even less meaningful than it already is.
      The guys have put together a cracking little game though :)

  8. Well deserved, it’s a marvelously fresh retro game.

  9. Fantastic game

  10. Well deserved.. *looks for Monster Hunter. 81?! Metacritic isn’teven reliable *rages.

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