Prototype 2 DLC Trailer

The first  pack of DLC for Prototype 2, ‘Colossal Mayhem’, will be hitting the stores today.

The second pack, ‘Excessive Force’,  lands at the end of  the month and both feature new ways to murderise people along with some nifty new skins.


Spiky bio-growth is so ‘in’ this season. 

Both DLC packs will be available 400 Microsoft Points or £3.99 on PS3.

Those that purchased the Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector’s Edition will be able to redeem their code to download the Colossal Mayhem Pack for free from today.

 Source: YouTube



  1. Wow, that was quick. Anyone would think they had the DLC ready at launch.

    • Yes.. and?

      • they all lived happily ever after.

        I really should have a middle and end ready for occasions like that.

      • Very spookily you have writen exactly the same thing I have somewhere else..

      • I must check my medication.

  2. Thermobaric Boomstick!

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