Prototype Biohazard Bundle Releases Today On Xbox One, July 22nd On PS4

For the last little while now there have been plenty of leaks regarding a new gen edition of Prototype 2. Well Activision has confirmed that is happening, with the original Prototype also coming along for the ride to PS4 and Xbox One in a Biohazard bundle. This bundle will include both games as well as the DLC that was in Prototype 2’s RADNET edition. If you want to buy the games individually then you’ll have to wait until August 12th. It doesn’t look like there will be a physical release at the moment.


According to Activision both games have got improved textures, framerates, with rendering in HD. I have to say that the original Prototype doesn’t look a lot better than the original release, with Prototype 2 looking slightly improved. The bundle costs £39.99 and is a 7.38GB download.

Source: Press Release



  1. Another game shoved out with no support from Activison and even as an HD remaster, that is unsurprising. I mean, Acti, do you even want this to sell? There’s been no marketing for it, no awareness of it bar rumours and yet, you just shoved it out with a £40 price tag. This is why 98% of the stuff you release doesn’t usually make you cash!

    • Indeed, to say the marketing was bad would be wrong as they didn’t market it at all! It just showed up on the xbox store today.

      To ask £39.99 for two old games that are available for a few quid now is very hopeful by Activision. It’s worth £15 at best.

  2. I remember playing the first one for an hour or so on PS3 and it looked rough by 2009 (I think) standards. I hope they really have improved it alot as it needed it. Interesting concept with the mutation things but I was completely underwhelmed and put off by it so never played it again.

  3. Enjoyable games, but if you are going to bother to remaster something in any way, you have to be prepared to release it in a box too – Not many people are going to want this sat on their hard drive eating up space that could be used on current gen games.

    Also, if you are going to charge £40 for games that are up to 6 years old, they better be damn well coming in a box!

    • Tbf it will be taking up hdd space if on disc as well.

      • This is true, but nowhere near as much.

        I know I am beginning to feel the pinch of a 500GB drive & I haven’t even been playing all that many games. I would consider this if it was a part install (i.e. boxed), but no way if its going to eat up more of my HDD than is necessary.

        Plus, that £40 price tag! I want cheap crappy plastic boxes for that kind of moolah! ;)

      • I actually find discs take up the same space, if not more, than downloads on the hdd

      • There are no part installs on PS4/X1. All disc games are fully installed.

      • Can’t say I’d noticed that, but then I don’t make a habit of downloading something from the store, to then go out & buy the same thing in a box! ;)

        However, now that you mention it, I believe there may have been something saying that it would be the same, but the disc would be required for ‘authentication’. Which pretty much just seems unnecessary.

        All that aside though, I will still never plump for a download over a boxed product. Because all you can do with a download when you have finished with it is delete it. With a boxed version you can at least get some money back for it.

        … Or use it as a fancy coaster or Frisbee – Whatever takes your fancy really. I won’t judge.

  4. Without the disc being required for authentication I bet people would just go around renting (if that’s still possible) or borrowing then installing and getting ton of games for next to nothing.

    • True, but is there anything that actually stops someone logging in on someone else’s PS4, downloading their entire library of games & then moving on?

      Might be a licence key or something allowing a certain amount of downloads? No idea as I don’t go in for shady practices myself! ;)

      • You’ve confused me now lol,I think you mean signing into someone else’s account,I believe I’m right in thinking your allowed 2 active PS4 systems on your account,when it comes to downloads I’m not sure I think it mentions 2 active systems again,you may be able to download it on several systems but only 2 at anytime should be able to play those games,I could be totally wrong not sure at all but I’d be wary of giving anyone my account details that’s for sure. ;)

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