Matter Of Perspective: Prototype

This features discusses war a lot. It’s hard not to considering just how many games are centred around conflict, be it nations throwing their armies at each other or mysterious groups trying to get the upper hand. It’s always the front-line of these conflicts we’ll more often than not see, but before the soldiers fire the bullets there are thousands in the background who research the most effective ways to gain the advantage. Prototype is a game that takes that angle and shows what happens when the researchers fail in controlling what they’ve created and pay the price.

Alex Mercer is the protagonist of the story and the one who represents the failures of those who try to kill him. He is infected with the virus going by the name Blacklight, which has not only reconstructed his body after Alex is shot and initially killed, but also gives him the powers to transform and absorb people as well as their memories. For him this turns out to be very advantageous but for the people out to stop him his change is a problem.


The virus was originally designed by the US government to take out certain people, but that experimented ended in failure with a whole town being wiped out. Some decades later it is decided that this experiment finally be terminated due to constant issues and leaks. One such issue is Alex being able to steal some of the virus and unleash it in a train station just before being shot. It’s a mistake that really messes up what should be a more efficient draw down.

Blackwatch, the agency that has been created to answer to the threat, is given the order to eliminate anyone who has worked on the virus. This is a decision that is basically horrifying but it’s the ultimate contingency plan too. After all if anyone who knows how to make this virus survive then they could try and replicate it in their own time, and possibly sell it to a side that would not be allied with the United States’ interests. A weapon like that in enemy hands would cause the biggest power shift in global politics since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Not only could you have powerful beings suddenly unleash themselves on the world, but due to their absorbing ability they’d be able to take anyone and infiltrate all areas of society. One day the you could be a regular person, the next killed and replaced by an absorber, who takes over your life and causes as much havoc as possible before moving on. Defence and spy agencies would kill for that kind of power themselves.

You only have to look at what happens in Manhattan to appreciate how much of a danger Blacklight is. Within a short space of time the virus has caused havoc with a lot of Infected running amok, destroying buildings, and hurting the population. The elimination of those involved protects the majority from a new biological weapon that would be much harder to control than anything else, as it creates powerful beasts. However, as the crisis worsens a far greater solution is thought of by the military powers.


That solution is to nuke Manhattan and destroy every living thing inside of it. This a much more extreme measure considered by the higher ups of the government, and you have to wonder why it would be signed off so readily. After all this is a city that is important to not only the USA but the entire world. The loss of the New York Stock Exchange alone could do a lot more damage than the Infected. Billions of dollars pass through the Exchange daily and losing all of that money would have a huge affect on thousands of companies across the globe.

Let’s also not forget the millions of people in the area, including thousands of tourists walking around the streets. If a nuke is set off here both the locals and the global population would turn on the United States incredibly quickly. There are already tanks on the streets and that is something other nations could support due to the threat that is faced, but killing millions at once and destroying one of the most important cities in the world as a quick fix undermines the US, and gives the view that the military and Blacklight are merciless.

Of course that doesn’t actually happen and Alex manages to stop the breakout from spreading outside the city, even leading the path to bring some stability to Manhattan. But he is neither failed as the city’s saviour or recognised as the villain but swept under the carpet, as the public is convinced that the military actually stopped a massive bio terrorism attack on the city. This is the most favourable outcome because now the government are the good guys, and no one knows that they came this close to unleashing a different kind of hell on them.



  1. i never really got on with the first one!
    maybe because around that time infamous was out and to be fair infamous was much of the same only better.
    think i may of put a few hours into this and then moved onto infamous.
    but for me the sequel was a much better romp busting heads and powering up to be the ultimate genetic being.

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