Prototype Available to Download This Week

XBL now. North American PSN later today.

Rental Reviews 13/08/09

This week’s game was Prototype and it divided your opinions.

Review: Prototype

The question you all want to know: is it better than inFamous…?

Prototype Broken

Is this laziness or incompetence? Patches show their ugly side again with a title being sold broken with a fix promised.

No Pre-Release Prototype Demo

Activision’s shape changer won’t be getting a demo before release but do we really need one?

Prototype Montage

The shortest, yet longest post in a while. Oh and a tasty new Prototype trailer.

Prototype Cinematic and Release Date

“My name is Alex Mercer, they call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist. I’m all of these things.”

PROTOTYPE, 10 Reasons…

Sometimes you have to look very hard for one reason to buy a game, so how about 10?

Prototype Comic

Tie-ins aplenty these days but not all of them have Jim Lee attached

PROTOTYPE Countdown (Update)

Countdown clock paves the way for… well I don’t know yet, but soon will. (Updated)