PROTOTYPE Countdown (Update)

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that the website for PROTOTYPE has been displaying a countdown timer, we now have only one day to go until the countdown runs out, 9am (GMT) on Thursday to be precise.

What happens then is anyone’s guess, but the game does sound pretty spiffing, especially if a sandbox style game where your character has superhuman powers, shapeshifting abilities and the ability to consume your enemies taking on their form and powers.



Check out the game’s website  to see the countdown timer in all it’s stunning glory (unless you’re reading this after 9am in which case all will have been revealed)

Well the waiting is over and a fantastic looking trailer has been revealed, head over to the website for a look, or if like me you have problems viewing it, here is a YouTube link, (best watched in HD) or if you missed the earlier trailer you can catch that here.