Rovio Announces Staggering Angry Birds Download Figures

1 billion. That’s how many downloads Angry Birds has had, surely setting up Rovio for live and giving the publisher unlimited scope for future expansion.


Like, as the trailer teases, a version of Casey’s Contraptions, an existing iPad puzzler.



  1. I was having a chat with my Finnish flatmate earlier [Rovio is a Finnish company], & apparently the name, Rovio, means bonfire where they burn witches.

    • Best first comment ever. You win teh internets.

  2. I’ve downloaded it four times on one phone because of firmware flashes. It’ll be interesting if they had a number of devices that downloaded it.

    • This.
      3 x on my old Android phone after flashing roms
      1 x on my new Android phone
      2 x on my Android tablet after flashing roms
      1 x on my iPhone from work

      I’m guessing they count every download. It’s still an impressive number.

  3. Lawks – It’ll be a religion next! Watch out, The Bible! :)
    Amazing number of downloads.

  4. Must…resist…smug…comment about how ridiculously average a game Angry Birds is. Ah dammit

    • I think Rovio are the smug ones right now. They don’t care what anyone thinks. Did you read the article? :)

      • No, I couldn’t find the time in my day to read that wall of text

  5. Whoa.

  6. How do I read these figures, do they include the free versions that are available?

  7. I’m doing a piece of coursework on mobile games and now i’m going to have to update the statics i put on it for angry birds.

  8. yeah, how many of those were free, and how many versions have they released?

    i know they’ve done a few tie in versions.

    and a billion isn’t as big as it used to be since the yanks got their hands on it. ^_^

    • Apparently the “free versions” with in game advertisements make them even more money, so it doesn’t really matter who paid up front and who didn’t.

    • Impressive negativity. Can we not just be happy for a software developer knowing that they’re working on new material? It would appear not.

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