Capcom Expecting Resident Evil 6 Sales To Reach 7 Million

Capcom has released its predicted sales figures for its flagship titles scheduled for a 2012-13 release. By the end of the 2012-2013 fiscal year the publisher is predicting that Resident Evil 6 will sell a whopping 7 million worldwide.

If you’re thinking that figure might be a bit over optimistic, you’d be right. To put things in perspective, Resi Evil 5 has only sold 5.8 million copies since its release in 2009. Even crazier still, the forecasted figure of 7 million sales doesn’t even include the PC version of Resi 6 – yet to be scheduled for release.


The publisher has also predicted 2 million sales across the same period for Devil May Cry reboot, DmC. It might interest you to know that the highest selling Devil May Cry game is DMC4, which has sold 2.6 million copies since 2008.

Capcom’s crystal globe also suggested that Dragon’s Dogma will sell 1.5 million and Lost Planet 3 will hit the target of 1.4 million. Lost Planet 3 is due for a 2013 release and Capcom’s fiscal year ends on 31st March 2013.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Simply put, if it is anything like Resi 5, they need to lower their expectations.

    Resi 5 was a good action shooter, but you wouldn’t really have known it was resident evil if you took the title away.

  2. Well, Capcom are very positive these days.

  3. That last Resi was a real stain on the franchise. They may have really damaged the brand with that turd. It will be interesting to find out after Resi: Giraffe Love is released.

  4. This is the same company who are charging $1300 for the special edition of course… ;)
    I love the RE series and will definitely be buying RE6 day of release but even I know that estimate is far too ambitious

  5. I think they have Resident Evil and DMC switched around. I think at this point even a perfect RE title will disappoint in sales because it just seems a bit tired, especially the cinematics. It really looks like the new RE title will be an ~8 year old concept with a big production budget. DMC, on the other hand, seems willing to at least try new things and could wind up a major success for newcomers.

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