Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer

The rather excellent Max Payne 3 launches next week and Rockstar have created a bullet time heavy launch trailer.

You can read all about our hands with the single player here and the multiplayer here, or you can just read this: Max Payne 3 is awesome, we love it.

Source: YouTube



  1. So who’s getting this at launch? My birthday is coming up & am trying to decide whether to ask for this or Dirt Showdown.

    If plenty of others will have this at launch, i may very well ask for Showdown for the birthday! :)

    • mine too tell you what i’ll buy you dirt you buy me max payne
      how’s that sound?

      • Ask for this and get Dirt Showdown for a bargain bin price in a week or so time.

    • I’m day one for this as is Nocure I believe, based on our last conversation on it anyway. Champing at the bit me.

  2. Will definitely be picking this up, just not convinced at the moment it’s worth rushing out and buying it day one. With [Prototype 2], Spec Ops The Line, Lollipop Chainsaw, Ghost Recon and now the Batman DLC on my radar over the coming months (not to mention Heroes of Ruin and Mario Tennis on the 3DS) I may need to wait for some price drops before making any purchases lol.

  3. Preordered cant wait till next friday :)

  4. In two minds whether to pick this up at launch or not myself.

    • Given its a R* game it will probably drop to £25-30 within the first week or so then take ages to finally reach a sub-£20 price point. I reckon it’s worth holding out until early July at least.

  5. I’ll be picking it up at some point in the future. I really hope they release the soundtrack for it as well.

  6. Looks great!
    Strangely saw this video this morning as it was an ad before I watched a hilarious attempt at the cinimon (can’t spell) challenge on youtube.

  7. Im so ready for this game, I loved the first two, and cannot wait to get stuck into this! Another Rockstar masterpiece

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