Croteam: Serious Sam 3 PS3 A Possibility

Croteam are pushing ahead with the Xbox 360 version of Serious Sam 3, but it will take ‘around four more months’ to be completed. The team are using the time to optimise the game ‘and to get a decent frame rate.’

They say the Xbox 360 “is rather old hardware now.”


After the Xbox 360 version is completed, ‘”e will then see what can be done with PS3, as it has 256MB+256MB memory specs, which programmers here comment as [requiring] even more programming and optimization work to get it right.”

Source: Facebook



  1. Why not just use PS2 era graphics wouldn’t make much a difference really, good gameplay + basic graphics no harm there.

    Anyway already have it on PC and I like it but I think its too late for a console version now.

    • I’ve pre-ordered a PC version but haven’t played it once. Bloody Steam making you want things you won’t ever need.

  2. I always enjoyed the Serious Sam games for their ridiculous arcadiness, would like one on the PS3, most definitely.

  3. Last I checked, Serious Sam 3 wasn’t the most visually taxing of games. If DICE can get Battlefield 3 on consoles, then it seems perfectly reasonable that this would too.

  4. I don’t know who “e” is but I wish him or her the best.

  5. My experience of Serious Sam games (i’ve only played one) is that you enter each level and stand there shooting while all the enemies stream towards you. Unless they’ve stepped up the A.I. i can’t say i’d be that interested in a ps3 version.

  6. If they can’t figure out how to program for PS3 they should just release Serious Sam HD on PSN. I’m sure the new one looks nice but the real hook of the game is the first time a headless, yelling guy runs at you with bombs… 256mb should be sufficient for that.

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