Need More MMO In Your Life? There Might be a Fable One

Look, they’re not going to stop until everything is an MMO so you might as well get used to it. The logic seems to be that if people liked playing a single player game and they were impressed when they could play it cooperatively with one or two others, they’ll go mental if you let them play something similar with eight or thirty-two or loads of other people.

The latest beloved experience to seem like it’s about to be crushed under the weight of baffling terminology, guilds, loot and gold sales is Fable. Not content with the excellent core Fable franchise, or even with the dilution of it in Kinect-based spin offs or cutesy brawlers (The Journey and Heroes, respectively), it seems like Lionhead – now without its head – is posturing for a massive version of the game.


It all comes from a job advert on Microsoft’s careers site which is calling for a “Multiplayer Level Designer” to go and work with Lionhead in Guildford, Surry. Essential experience lists the need for “Experience and passion for team objective based games, MMORPGs and other multiplayer games” while the desirable experience section is looking for people with experience of the Unreal Engine and 3D modelling software.

No platforms are mentioned but Lionhead is a first party Microsoft studio so expect it to be PC, or possibly the Xbox’s first major foray into an MMO, perhaps something for the next generation…

Source: MS Careers via Shack News



  1. I could see this being an Xbox MMO being made by Lionhead and all. Which would be cool, but my faith in the Fable series and plummeted since Fable 3 and with The Journey coming out, and the launch of Heroes it’s loosing my attention and respect.

    • I agree. I was underwhelmed by Fable 2 and the no boss at the end. Fable 3 was better but still left me feeling the same.

      • Yes Fable 3 was good but not good enough, I think 3 should of actually been 2 and 2 shouldn’t of existed.

      • Erm, Fable 2 was way better than Fable 3, it didn’t need to follow that game cliche :P

  2. MS do not have a good MMO track record in my eyes. Firstly, True Fantasy Live Online, it was from the developers of Dragon Quest 8 and was so goddamn pretty, then out of the blue, cancelled. More recently, the Halo MMO, a freakin’ monstrosity, pure cash in, cancelled pretty quick judging by the few screenshots.

    I know, only two, not quite a pattern but it’s getting there.

  3. The Xbox had proper MMos before. Final Fantasy XI springs to mind.

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