Podcast: Episode 64 – Frobisher Says, Endless Space and Lost Winds 2

This week was one of those sad occasions when we were a man down. Unfortunately Peter had a rather depressing day when he decided to break his Internet (he say it was Virgin’s fault but I’m not buying it). This was coupled with Bobby (you know, Peter’s dog. You do listen to the podcast right?) needing to be taken to the vet. The result? No podcast for Peter.

Fortunately, the wonderful chap otherwise known as Teflon (or Stefan if you’re one of those crazy people who likes real names) had no such issues and was more than willing to step into the breach for us. He brought with him some rather interesting comments about Endless Space, a strategy that he’s been playing pre-release builds of.

The developer, Amplitude, have been keen to gather community feedback on the game’s design, and good old Tef has been giving them his thoughts. Fortunately he managed to save a few of those thoughts and share them on the podcast; he’s generous like that.

[drop2]Whilst we may have been missing Peter, Lewis and Kev were still present, bringing us information on Lost Winds 2 and Frobisher Says respectively. I also managed to chip in a few word on strange indie film Damsels in Distress, as well as my regular comic chat. This week I mostly talk about Rex Zombie Killer, an odd comic about a pack of animals fighting their way through the zombie apocalypse. It does feature a gorilla with a baseball bat, so I’m not sure how anyone could resist.

On top of all of that, Lewis has a dastardly numeric quiz, and we answer your questions. Finally we managed to cram in a slightly odd Jack Tretton love fest, for reasons that will likely never become clear. We also managed to keep the time down this week, coming in at just over one and a half hours.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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Note: I apologise for the late arrival of the podcast.



  1. Sorry everyone, late podcast was my fault – Max Payne review stole its slot and then I forgot to put it up this evening…

  2. 4x games. They’re XXX games, but with an extra X for good measure.

    • “F*%k [the listener], they can work it out themselves.” – thanks Kris…

  3. For listeners who wonder what the whole high-five Tower of Pisa thing is:

  4. Lewis, this is a sadistic side of you coming out with this weeks quiz.

    i like it. ^_^

    and 4x?
    those things all begin with e.
    but then it’s be e4 wouldn’t it, and there might be complications with that one.

    that Damsels movie sounds interesting.
    the line about them going out with stupid guys as charity work made me laugh.

    speaking of the quiz, you couldn’t get the 39 steps?
    even i got that one.

    i’ve always wondered if Teflon chose that name because he’s non stick and wipe clean. ^_^

    i’m feeling kinda random today, if you didn’t guess.

    also i like the sound of the Rex Zombie Killer comic, i assumed it’d be dinosaurs fighting zombies from the title though, which would have been awesome.

    i don’t get many comics though, the nearest comic shop i know of, and kno how to get to, is forbidden planet in the west end.
    still they do do these great comic grab bags, for comics for a quid, i got a few of the first new 52 issues from there.

    anyway, i have been buying the reprints titan do, they’ve started reprinting the new 52 stuff.

    the only trouble is they’re shit.
    titan not the new 5s.
    they used to have a Superman book, but they kept jumping backwards and forwards in the recent storylines, so zods son would be in the phantom zone one issue and the next one would be from months earlier where he was still on earth.
    sales went down so they made it bimonthly, i’m never sure if bimonthly means twice a month or every two months, it went once every two months anyway.

    then they started printing them in order, and i think it went back to a monthly schedule, sales must have picked up.

    they they went through the new krypton storyline where Kandor was unbottled.
    then they ended the superman stories just as the remaining kryptonians left earth to make a new planet opposite the sun from earth.

    they then renamed the book to dc universe.

    i was hoping they’d print the dcu online comic, but no.
    they printed some flash issues, and mostly some elseworlds stories, not the good ones like Red Son though, ones about superman’s kid who doesn’t realise he’s superman’s kid until he’s told and then he gets put in a school in smallville.
    or something, i didn’t get very engrossed in that one.

    anyway, to cut a, very, long story a tiny bit less long, they’re now reprinting the new 52 issues.

    they’re printing the batwoman comics, which i’m glad about, but i’ve never been really sure what exactly was going on in them.

    the dc universe book is more interesting for me.
    they’re reprinting Justice League, Superman, and Green Lantern in that one.
    the GL book is the one i’m least interested in, but it’s decent enough.

    but like i said before, titan are shit, so they’re now on the bimonthly schedule.

    i miss when pannini had the dc license, they put the storeies out in order and in a timely fashion.

    but for some reason titan got the license.

    maybe it has something to do with all the marvel books pannini put out.
    and they do a much better job with those than titan do with dc.

    they just started a new book, the Incredible Hulks, about a team of, well hulks.
    well mostly, there’s an alien from sakaar and Rick Jones who was turned into some scaly creature.
    there’s she hulk, hulk’s son Skaar and Betty Ross is now the Red She Hulk.

    incidentally i just discovered her father, general, i can’t remember his first name, ross, is now the red hulk.

    it seems like a lot of the supporting characters in the marvel books are now getting powered up.
    from what i’ve read even Pepper Potts has her own suit now, and apparently a similar chest magnet thing to keep her alive that tony once needed, it has an AI version of Jarvis installed to help control it and it doesn’t have offensive weapons like Tony’s suit.
    she goes by the Name rescue, as that’s mainly what she uses the suit for.

    ok, done it again.

    honestly, i was going to stop at the bit about Teflon’s name, but then i got onto comics, and there i go, i’m sure Kris knows what it’s like.

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