Exclusive: EU PSN Store Gets Steam-like “Pre-Order” Functionality

Whilst technically there’s no risk in waiting to buy a digital game when it comes out, SCEE have added a feature to the PSN Store today that allows users to “pre-order” a download.


Sorcery is the first game to offer this functionality – you can pay for the game now, download it, and then next week it’ll just magically (pun intended) unlock, letting you play the game.

Read our hands on with Sorcery here, but we’re also hearing that many other “big” titles will also be available to pre-order soon.

That’s pretty cool, in our opinion, and resembles the likes of Steam that offer the same kind of deal on the PC and Mac – it’s certainly something that’s exclusive on consoles just now anyway.

What do you think?



  1. Pretty cool indeed

  2. Well, it’s better than waiting for release, then another 5 hours to download. But what’s the price like, eh?

  3. You can also pre-order from an online retailer, and the postman puts the game through your letterbox!


    • or it goes missing & have to wait 12 working days for a new copy.

  4. That is cool

    Next stop: A web interface

  5. Never, ever, EVER going to use this. Too much risk of paying for a title, it getting delayed, and then SCEE telling you to contact customer services to get your money back.

    There are still people on the blog complaining about PayDay codes they never got etc.

    Technically this is a cool idea. Unfortunately it’s tainted by SCEE’s failure to, well, work.

    • By the sound of it they’re just letting you do it when the game is already done but not out, not like a pre-order in a store.

      • But if a week or two in advance, there is still time to mess it up or god forbid, withdraw it.

        Hell, this is SCEE we are talking about, they can cock something up in less than 24 hours, let alone a week!

      • True, the game may be finished but it can still be delayed right up until the moment it is released digitally. Which if it was then no doubt you would have to re-download the new version. I could see myself using this service the day before release however, so it’ll be ready to play the next day without a lengthy install time.

      • hell scee have had games down for release on the store up until a few hours before they delay them for months.

    • I agree seeing as my first experience with (Renegade Ops) digital pre-ordering resulted in me not getting the promised DLC for free, despite this being part of the deal. It’s only recently (after emailings Sega) that I got a code which I gave away, as by that time I had already purchased the DLC. To be fair the scenario is not exactly the same as I couldn’t download the game before it was released, nor is any DLC being promised with this service, but that was a small PSN game and they managed to mess it up. If I was to buy digital games, I’d just wait for the time it takes to download it, on the day it is released.

      Also, if there is PSN maintenance, would this stop the game magically becoming playable, as I assume you’d need to connect online for the game to unlock?

      • You kindly gave it to me! I also then got a code from Sega, so have a spare if anyone else wants it. I posted on the forum thread but didn’t have any takers, but someone must want free DLC!

    • Highly unlikely I’ll use this either, seeing as I’d only buy smaller titles and DLC from PSN. I suppose it might be good for my Vita though.

      I just want them to allow organisation and search functionality for purchased items – finding something you need to redownload for whatever reason is a bit of a nightmare.

    • I doubt I’d ever use it, but had a look at the site


      Looks like you’ll get charged 2 days before release, doesn’t mean you won’t get charged THEN they balls it up though.
      Interestingly, bizarrely, cell is highlighted at one point in red in the text, in canceled, with a pop up giving a little info about the cell processor.

      • lol, though the cell thing does make more sense if I had spelt cancelled right.

  6. This is cool! I’d like to see PS+ members get 5%/10% off pre-orders or something, with a message coming through when games are ready to download, or even being added to the automatic download queue.

    • I’d like to see Megan Fox naked on my bed, but it ain’t gonna happen!

      Which is more likely to happen? Only time will tell… :P

  7. That’s cool. Might have to give it a try.

  8. Nifty. Can’t say it’s a service I would use however as I hate paying over the odds just to have a digital copy of a game.

  9. Nice idea, but i guess there’s some risks.

  10. So now I can get pre-order bonuses for Resistance Thingy Thing and Gravity Daze on Vita?

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