Sony Audio Engineer Mentions “PlayStation 4”

Mr Umminger’s a hugely smart guy. Working for SCEA, his LinkedIn profile says he’s worked on the audio tech for both PS3 and PS Vita.

Oh, and the PlayStation 4, apparently.


Dug up this afternoon, his resume is the first time anyone from Sony has called it that.

It might be a typo, it might not, and it’s hardly a surprise, but things are in motion for next-gen more than ever.

You can read his public profile via NeoGAF.



  1. LinkedIn is leaking more stuff than Amazon now

  2. Soon companies are going to announce they’re games through LinkedIn.

  3. This isn’t really news? o_O

    • But you wouldn’t have had a chance to make this pointless comment without this article, so its all good!

  4. PS4 for 2013 release!

  5. I would prefer PS4 to Orbis, hopefully the latter is just Sony’s equivalent of ‘Terry’.

  6. PlayStation 4?

    Nope, can’t say i recognise it.

  7. i couldn’t see them naming the thing Orbis when they launched it.

    it’s not like the Vita, the PSP hasn’t got the same brand name awareness that Playstation has.

    besides, if they drop the PS# naming convention, we’ll never get the PS9.

  8. i cant imagine they will name their next gen console anything other than PlayStation 4.

  9. Oooooo exciting…that ain’t no typo if you ask me…

  10. It was a typo, check his linkedIn now, he explains it.

    • Yeah, it doesn’t even make sense if you think about it, how could someone maintain the voice chat libraries of PS4, at this stage?

      Anyone else read it in the voice of Michael Winner, Calm down dear!

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