Game Of Thrones RPG UK Release Date Confirmed

Koch Media has confirmed that the Game Of Thrones RPG will release in the UK on June 8th 2012 for PC, Ps3 & Xbox 360.  The date was chosen to coincide with the finale of the second series of the Game Of Thrones TV show, which ends on June 3rd.

The Game Of Thrones RPG plot takes place in sync with the first book/first TV series of the ‘Song Of Ice & Fire’ saga, and will follow the stories of Mors the Night Watch ranger and Alester, who is a Red Priest and the heir to Riverspring. The title is being developed by Cyanide Studios and will be using Unreal Engine 3.


Tuffcub got his hands on Game Of Thrones RPG a few weeks back and you can read his thoughts on it here.

Source: Press Release



  1. I pre-ordered a copy from GAME at the weekend, thought that the release date was already announced. Good to have confirmation anyway!

  2. I’ve enjoyed the TV series but I cannot get into RPGs so will have to give this a miss.

  3. It came out in America yesterday but early reports state that it’s not a very good game :( I think IGN gave it 4/10.

  4. Been watching the IGN walkthrough of it on youtube as i was looking forward to the game been a fan of the show but the game looks disappointing.

  5. you had me at “Koch”

  6. Must finish Skyrim, must finish Skyrim.
    Oh and watch series 1, there’s just not enough time in my life.

  7. Just seen the TV series, but never played this yet… and I hope the game will just be as simple as zombie defense games.

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