Is Sony Buying OnLive Rather Than Gaikai?

We had pretty much assumed Gaikai would be the service Sony is rumoured to be buying but now we are hearing that it may be OnLive instead.

In June 2011 OnLive confirmed they were talking to Sony and Microsoft and in December the same year OnLive said they were ‘open to PlayStation and Xbox integration.’

Meanwhile, on an OnLive fan forum, a poster contacted both GaiKai and OnLive.

Gaikai’s PR department responded:

There are always rumors about companies, and cloud companies, teaming up with console makers. Sorry we can’t be of more help. If you hear of anything more, could you let us know?

Meanwhile OnLive responded with a more familiar phrase:

No comment on this.

Of course OnLive really could not be commenting on the situation – or they may be using the industry standard “yes, its true but we can’t confirm the rumour” code.

It’s expected that whatever the deal is, PlayStation Plus subscribers will get some form of special access. Whether that’s a free trial period or reduced rates is anyone’s guess just now.


  1. I still think it’s Gaikai although i much prefer Onlive’s UI.

    We’ll see in a few days.

  2. Sounds as if it’s not Gaikai and they want to know if the original emailer finds out some juicy info of a OnLive + PlayStation / Microsoft partnership.

    • Could the joking answer be a hint that they do indeed know more? This will be interesting.

      • Ooo, I didn’t think of it like that! The plot thickens. Thank god it’s less than a week away before we know if anything at all is going on, I don’t think I can wait much longer.

  3. Please let it be OnLive. Maybe this way the service will finally make it to Germany. I always wanted to give it a try and OnLive basically delivers everything Gaikai has to offer and much, much more. This would seriously make me consider getting a PS+ subscription.

  4. I’m struggling to see how those two comments mean it’s more likely to be one or the other, if any.

    • Oh come on you know what “No comment” means by now :)

    • Because 1 is more of a human response to being asked a question out of the blue, the other is the response that is given to the PR and correspondence people prior to a big announcment i.e. “Yes its true, but the boss has told me to keep my mouth shut so – no comment”

  5. I don’t mind either way but if I was pushed I would say OnLive.

  6. Onlive are the much higher profile of the two.

    it would be very cool if something like the sub service Onlive offer became part of the plus sub.

    i had another thought.
    what about those so called console exclusives that are also on pc?
    what if onlive got Alan Wake or the gears games.

    they’ve got Bastion already.

    could all those games someday be playable on ps3?

    • Microsoft would have a fit and may have made explicit mention of Sony in contracts

  7. Haven’t onlive already started flogging their own hardware? I’d be annoyed it it became effectively useless. Sounds like Gaikai would be an easier re-brand.

  8. Cloud gaming or whatever is so lame!

    • Could you elaborate a little please? What are you referring to when you state ‘or whatever’?

      • The only problem I see with it at the moment is the current lack of hi-speed internet, but BT are slowly but surely rolling out infinity and Virgin offer it too, so hopefully the internet will be available to create a seamless experience. As far as I see that is the only issue!

  9. Onlive definitely seems to be the bigger of the two services, and their reply does sound like they know something but just don’t want to reveal it.

  10. Having never tried either service I thought I’d have a quick go on Gaikai’s option to demo a game or two. The game, some racing game called Trackmania 2, finally booted up to allow play on the 3rd attempt and after about 4 minutes of play I quit due to the very bag lag.
    Now, I work from home, every day, have a decent connection to t’internet (around 7Mb) and conduct conference calls and desktop sharing sessions all day, so I reckon I’m covered on the connection side of things. So why would this service appear to me, admittedly on my first encounter, to be so bad?

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