Velocity Cheats

Futurlab’s Velocity is a proper hardcore game (as can be seen in this video) but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any cheats in there. Whilst most developers would happily charge additional monies for such treats, Futurlab are giving actual cheats away for free. It’s like the 90’s all over again.

Except with less 2 Unlimited.

They’re not really cheats mind, more effects and secrets. Anyway, here they are:

Vector Mode

The Tron-like Vector Mode can be switched on by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the trophy page
  2. Select the ELITE trophy
  3. Hold L/L1 Button
  4. Tap Triangle Button ten times.

Coder Art Mode

Another visual effect – do it this way:

  1. Navigate to the Trophy Screen
  2. Tap Triangle Button once on the top left hand corner trophy.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom left hand trophy (trophy 136) and tap Triangle Button twice.
  4. Then go to bottom right hand corner trophy and tap Triangle Button 3 times.
  5. Then to top left hand corner and tap Triangle Button 4 times.
  6. Then back to trophy 1 and tap Triangle Button 5 times – and so on until you have finished on the top right hand trophy and 8 taps of the Triangle Button.

Collision Boxes

Switch on debug mode by:

  1. Navigating to the Minesweeper game
  2. Hold R/R1 Button
  3. Whilst holding R/R1 Button, click the bottom left corner, bottom right corner, top right corner, top left corner of Minesweeper using X without hitting a bomb!

Quarp Drive Polygons

Activate some neat menu effects by doing this:

  1. Navigate to the Minesweeper game
  2. Hold L/L1 Button
  3. Whilst holding L/L1 Button, click the top left tile, top right tile, bottom right tile, bottom left tile of Minesweeper without hitting a bomb!

Via PSNStores.


  1. i still cant get this dang game onto my vita! (In the US and have PS+)

  2. I miss codes like these, all games should have them.

    • Agreed, more cheats in games. I used to have so much fun on GTA with the cheats.

  3. Cool! I’ll have to try them out one day.

  4. o_O
    Actual cheats?
    Mind. Blown.

  5. I really must this game soon.

  6. The art of cheats have certainly died out this gen, a shame. Good to see a few codes back hehe.

  7. Oh so it’s proper hardcore… that explains my poor performance then :)
    Wonderful to see cheatcodes like these, especially in these days of monetized faff.

  8. :)

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