Meet the Reader: 8_Bit_Hero

So, we’ve got your favourites, but I always like to ask if there are any games that you’ve played and find particularly embarrassing? Perhaps it’s just something that was really bad, or maybe a bit of a guilty pleasure?

Hmm… I don’t own that many terrible games.

Well that’s disappointing. You should find a way to play the old Phillips CD-i Zelda games. I hear those are thoroughly atrocious.

Those would be a bit too old for me.

I guess it would be Alpha Protocol, just because there are some many things that could’ve made it a great game. but some parts of it are just so bad

I remember there was quite a bit of disappointment surrounding that release.

I didn’t get it on release, I think I got it quite a few month later. I got it because it was a stealth game, and as a genre they’ve kind of dried up lately. Then I realised it was a game made by Obsidian…

And I assume this is a bad thing? Very buggy?

Very buggy, like every other game they made, but like the others, there are just so many parts where you think this could’ve been a great game.

Well, they do have a particular reputation for this. It’s almost a cliché these days.

Yeah I know, but you just want to believe it’s good. Dungeon Siege 3 that was just plain bad, though.

One day they’ll release a game that’s just perfect, and everyone will love them. That’s the plan, anyway.

One day, in the future, where it’s are impossible to get things wrong.

It’d be strange if it was in the past… and on that subject of things that have already happened, how did you first come across TSA?

Did you like my segue?

Yeah very smooth, hehe.

I think I was looking up the PSN store updates and I came across it. Lurked for a bit, then just signed up.

Simple as that? What was it that kept you hanging about the place?

Hmm… I guess the forums and the great writing on the front page.


Have there been any regular articles on the front page that you’ve particularly enjoyed? Or is it all good, from your point of view.

That particular smiley makes no sense in that context.

Looks quite pervy too.

That’s just Skype.

I guess…

Another good one is (sick)… No, (puke). That’s it.

You can’t beat the ninja one. (ninja)

Hm… I think I find the site a whole great.

That IS a good one. I like how if you type in (london) you get rain. What’s the dancing banana? (banana)

There isn’t one.

Could swear there was a dancing banana. Ah well.

It could have been a hallucination.

A ghost in the machine!

But enough spooky stuff, you’re quite often taking part in the forums and playing TSA meets, which you often host yourself. Who have you ended up getting on with the most?

Probably the people who I’ve regularly played with, so topgearsam, Bodachi, Aquastyle, Hannypoppie and yourself.

We do have silly times on Uncharted 3, this is true.

Yes indeed, but I feel I can get on with anyone pretty easily.

It just helps if they have a silly sound board on their tablet to make helicopter sounds. Like Bodachi.

Very true.

Moving away from gaming and TSA, are there any other big interests or hobbies that you’re fond of? I’m guessing you don’t do extreme BMX sports.

Well I would, but it’s not really my kind of scene.

I read a lot, and since Sky Atlantic stole all the good shows I’m currently reading through A Game of Thrones, and I enjoy watching anime but I’m not really sure thats a hobby.

How are you liking A Game of Thrones? I’ve been meaning to get round to reading it for a long while now.

It’s really good but I’m not that far in since I just started it and well it a really long book.

They just get longer and longer too. He’s started just taking a finished book and splitting it in half.

Yeah, I know. It’s a bit silly how long they are.

Do you mind if I ask you about school and what you’re studying?

Not at all. I.T., English and Maths.

This is your penultimate year, right? So are you already thinking about where you want to take this with Unis and careers?

Not really, I’ve never been one to think that dare ahead.

Do you mean “Far”?

Damn, you’ve discovered my only weekness, bad spelling.

Haha! “Weekness”?

I wasn’t thinking!

It’s alright, apart from this and the “harming” from earlier, your spelling will be perfect for when this goes live.


I charge £20 per hour.

Well, I guess you’ll just have to look forward to my cheque bouncing.

I always get caught out by those… Alright, well i think we have snuck up on the end of this interview! I do have one final question, which is: Snog, Civil Partnership, Smother or Shark Attack for the four podcast hosts Peter, Lewis, Kris and Kev?

I have to admit I’ve never really listened to the podcasts …

It’s alright, I have been known to let people off the hook before, so I’ll extend the courtesy once more.

It’s just something I’ve never really had time for.

Alright, we’re at the end! Do you have any final words for the readers that made it this far?

Erm… Will “Goodbye and thanks for all the fish” suffice?

And with that, we’re just one week away from bringing this to an end. Thanks to Katherine for doing the interview, and I expect you all to tune in next week.


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  1. No more Meet the Readers? Nooooo

  2. Yay another Cardiff person :P Nice to know a bit more about you.

    Shame there won’t be MtR any more I’ll miss Teflon’s segue’s

  3. No more MTRs!? Wait, did i include a one year only run time in the contract then? *digs out the file and goes over the contract* There may be a spin off in the works followed by 7 films then a new series, a few games, a remake and lots of toys.

    Rainydays, you may want to hide as Roy has been known to kill if someone doesn’t like a FF game. ;)

    We had a ton of fun during the UC meets. :)

  4. I can say the same with FFXI it was a wonderful and very captivating game to experience the characters where so interesting. Some of the scenes was tragic but most of all the worst I’ve got is losing save data at the 3rd disc T_T…*quote* “Death would be a release next to this travesty”

    Anyway its nice to read about you :3, it was good and a bit insane lol.

  5. ohhhhhh! 8-bits a girl…
    my friends list has an ever expanding female vibe..
    must be the you know?
    yes the charm and wit and my gaming skills not the other you pervs.

  6. I good read and nice to meet you/read about you rainydays. Why no more? Sunday will be soooooo boring now :(

    • Just time to bring it to an end, for me. Just quitting whilst we’re ahead in many respects, and I still have a shred of insanity.

      I’m sure there will be something new to come along and fill the space left by it in the not too distant future.

      • I get what you mean. Still sad to see it go, I’m assuming nothings really lived up to my interview ;)

        I might start interviewing Harry once a week for his views on the latest child friendly game, might be interesting to have a nut job of a four year olds opinion on gaming.

      • That is a great idea!

  7. NO more MTR? 0_0 Why? What happened to me year on inteview? ;)

    Great read :) What about those Brotherhood times with my bushes! STAY AWAY :P

  8. Nice to meet you Katherine – Douglas Adams fan i see.. :)

    I’ve enjoyed the MTRs although i’ve missed a few.. no hard feelings to those i missed.. just felt conscious of repeating the generic response even though the sentiment was genuine. :)
    It was a great idea and thanks to Steven, teflon, bunimomike and indeed all those who were brave enough to take part! :)

  9. Hello :) Still hungover so car b arsed 2 think of anything witty 2 say

  10. Nice to meet you Kat! Honestly i choose Katherine over Catherine. :]

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