Meet the Reader: 8_Bit_Hero

Hello again! This week in the hot seat is Katherine, who you may know as 8_Bit_Hero in the digital world. 

However, before we get to the interview, a quick announcement from me. Meet the Reader was an idea that sprang from Solid Steven’s… brain, I guess, with the first interviewee being SpikeyMikey23 back on the 5th of June last year. Since then we’ve been on a five year mission to meet strange new readers, seek out long term regulars, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Just like Star Trek’s original series, it’s time to bring it to an end before those five years are up. 

So, this interview will be the penultimate in the series, and the final interview will come along next week. Now, everyone say hello to Katherine.


Alrighty then, who are you, how old are you and where do you come from?

Well that’s direct!

It always is!

My names Katherine Harrap, I’m 17 and I come from Cardiff.


I think there’s few to many I’s there.

I was kind of going for a pantomime villain voice. I guess it didn’t work…


Haha. Well fine, I’ll give up on that particular line of work. So anyway, whilst many a person has their name followed by a few numbers, you’ve managed to pick out for yourself quite an individual user ID on PSN and TSA. What’s the origin story behind these?

Haha, not that interesting really. Rainydays458 came about when I was first picking out an email address, and me not being all that creative. It was raining at the time, so I went with that and choose a random set of numbers to go with it.

My PSN account ID came from a bit of a joke from me and my sister, we were playing one of the older Legend of Zelda titles (they came in a collectors edition which had Legend of Zelda 1 and 2, Ocarina of Time and Mojora’s Mask) and I remarked that Link couldn’t swim in the older games, but could in the newer ones. So, since they were 8 bit, we used to call any character we came across that couldn’t swim an 8 Bit Hero.

I quite like that one! The silliest semi-sensical jokes with siblings are the best ones.


I’m trying to think of other examples… I mean, sometimes it just depends on the level, right? So Sonic sometimes just dies, but then he’s got water levels, and he’s fine? Happy as a hedgehog in a swimming pool.

Yeah, but then that terrifying music would play and he would end up dead…

Can hedgehogs swim?

I really doubt that was Sega’s main concern.

Well, I guess they bend reality a teensy bit to fit.

If hedgehogs could move that fast you wouldn’t find so many by the roadside.

Yeah, hitchiking hedgehogs are lame. So anyway, being really young when compared to all the old fogeys I usually get to interview, I’m quite curious to ask how you first got into gaming?

Umm…I think I was 6 or 7 at the time and we were on a carvan holiday, the best kind of holiday. I had fallen of my bike and I landed face first on the pavement, which broke my front tooth, so while trying to find something to calm me down we found an old Sega Saturn in one of the cupboards (it was my grandparents caraven), it was plugged into the TV, and I absolutely loved it.

Ouch! That must’ve really quite hurt…

Yes it did. Really not something I’d want to go through again.

At least it was presumably still a milk tooth?

Nope, full fledged adult tooth. I’ve got a cap over it now, so it doesn’t look like there been any damage to it at all.

Teeth are rubbish, anyway. Always going and getting themselves broken. Useful, yes, but so troublesome and really high maintenance.

Who needs teeth anyway? It’s not like they’re needed for anything useful, like eating.

Mashed up food for the win.


Haha. So a Sega Saturn, eh? Certainly not the most popular console of its generation, but it did have some choice titles on there. What did you get to play?

The game I remember playing most was Sonic R, and then once we got a second pad I would play that with my sister. Same goes for WipEout and also Virtua Fighter 2, where we had the manual, so all we would do was pick our characters, look at the move set from the manual and then just pull off all the combos. Then there was also Virtua Cop, which used a light gun so that was tonnes of fun, and one of the Alien games, but I never actually played it, since I found it so scary.

Sounds like quite an introduction to gaming! How did you get from this old Saturn to where you are now with the PS3?

Well between the Saturn and getting the PS1, I got into playing quite a few games on PC. Things like Warcraft 2 and Alexander, amongst loads of other games.

Then, once I got a PS1, I played a lot of the Final Fantasy games. I think I’ve got almost all of them. The one I enjoyed the most was Final Fantasy IX, because of how harming all the characters and world was. I got really pissed once I got to the 3rd disk and *spoilers* I couldn’t get past the cinematic at the begining, where Kuja destroys Alexandria…

Final Fantasy VII, which many people cite as the best game ever, I found quite dull.

Sorry, you’ll have to help me fix “harming all the characters and world was.” I don’t think I can figure that one out!

Oh! I meant “charming”!

Hahaha. I’ve never played it, so thought there might be some crazy game mechanic in there?

Not really, just all the characters in FF7 can be summed up with one word, FF9 characters are a lot deeper.

I think there’s a few other Final Fantasy fans on here that hold FF9 up above all the rest too. So, you like your RPGs quite a bit, then? Do you find yourself drawn to that genre over others?

I guess looking at my game libary you could say so.

Is there something about RPGs that you find really draws you in more than other genres?

I guess it’s the story and how you can get attached to the characters. With a lot of games from other genres the story feels like an after thought.

So with that in mind, what would you say are your three favourite games of all time?

That’s a hard one. I’ve played a lot of games!

It’s always a tough one to answer. Is there anything that you think you could just go and play 3 or 4 times through and not get sick of it?

I guess based on that, it would have to be Final Fantasy IX, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Going against the grain with the hardcore series fans a little there, but it’s such an individual thing.

Go me!

Can Adam Jensen swim?

I don’t think there are any opportunities to do so in the game.

I’m slowly working through it a moment, and haven’t seen any. What about Link in Wind Waker? I mean, he’s always on that boat, isn’t he?

I think he can swim for about 30 seconds or so?

So, I guess he’d be a 16-bit hero?


Cue Sonic’s drowning music!

Don’t do that, it’s bloody terrifying!

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  1. :O Im not sure how to take this girl. She loves FFIX but hates FFVII?

    That twitching eye is coming back….

    Sort of maybe nice to meet you 8 bit mentalist! :)

    • Haha! you made me spit out my cornflakes in laughter!

  2. 9 and 7 are just as good as each other but hating one over the other doesn’t make sense lol :’) Nice to meet you though and glad you hold FF in high regard *cyber high five*

  3. After reading all I can think of is:

  4. Nice to meet you katherine.

  5. Nice to meet you, and I do agree with FF7. I didn’t play it until current gen and just found it a little over hyped. FF4 complete collection is definitely the best IMO though

    • Die

      • Such a charmer. Poor McProley, it’s not like he said FFVII was crap. It’s one of my favourite games ever but it’s brilliance is definitely blown out of proportion. So much so that anyone who plays it these days for the first time will struggle to experience anything other than a slight let-down, however brilliant the game may be.

  6. It saddens me that such a great interview rounds out the ending of a super series of interviews… =/

  7. Nice to meet you Katherine :)

    I just started my third playthrough of Deus Ex: Human Revolution this weekend, it is an awesome game indeed. I hope Eidos Montreal are busy at work on a next-gen sequel.

  8. I still remember all the Assassins Creed meets we all attempted, weeks of just sitting in lobbies or parties trying to connect!

    And this is the penultimate interview! :( I wonder who we’ll see getting the honour of the last one!

    • my guess is that teflon is going to interview himself! =D

  9. nice and funny read=) and nice to meet u Katherine! =D
    sad to hera there will be no more MtR! hopefully there will be something else to fullfill my sundays!

  10. I guess my sister feels overly important now. She doesn’t need any extra ego boosts…

    • Ha! Nice of you to sign up to get a little sisterly dig in. :P

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