New Super Mario Bros. U Announced


Nintendo have announced, unsurprisingly, a new New Super Mario Brothers game, this time with a U at the end, during their E3 press conference.

It supports up to four players, with a fifth player able to support the others by using the GamePad, by using the touch screen to place blocks to help them get through the level faster, allowing for faster speedruns.

The game integrates with the MiiVerse, too, so you’re able to see all your friends discussing the game whilst in-game, which is a nice feature. There aren’t many other details but the game is looking great, with improved graphics and other gameplay tweaks.


  1. I’m not surprised that Mario is on the Wii U as Mario is Ninty’s mascot and is aleways on every Ninty console. I hope there will be a plumbing mini game as i don’t think Mario has actually done any plumbing yet.

  2. Anyone know if this is a launch title? If so Wii U may be a day 1 purchase for me.

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