New Disney Animation Features Iconic Video Game Villains

Disney has launched its debut trailer for upcoming holiday flick, Wreck-It Ralph. The animation picture, due to launch on November 2nd, tells the story of an 8-bit video game villain tired of being demonized after 30 years of employment in fictional arcade game, Fix-It Felix.

Wreck-It Ralph appears to be yet another charming Disney film, this time exploring the many settings and universes modern gaming has adopted in recent years. The trailer alone is chock-full of references to existing games and characters, one scene parodying an alcoholic’s anonymous meeting with a gathering of iconic villains such as Dr. Robotnik, Bowser, and even Kano.


Wreck-It Ralph is one video game adaptation we actually wouldn’t mind getting our hands on.



  1. Someone showed me this last night, it looks great.
    The cameos are brilliant!

  2. Yup, I’ll be watching that.

  3. This looks awesome. Loved the Zangief cameo

  4. I know they were hard to beat (sometimes) but did I see a Marlboro King from Final Fantasy in there?

    If so… awesome! Can’t wait to see this, hope its even more full of video game characters than those shown

  5. this looks brilliant. not much else to say, it even has Talking Heads playing at the beginning. Full of win.

  6. Looks like a hoot.

  7. Good seeing him referred to as Robotnik rather than eggman, because as everyone knows, people who call him eggman deserve a quick kick in the face

    • My kids always try to correct me when i call him Robotnik.

    • Looks great definatly one to take the kids cinema to watch so i can enjoy myself lol.

  8. LOVE this! Will definitely be worth a watch.

  9. Gaming villain cameos looked to be the only thing in there to stop it being the most boring film trailer I’ve watched in a while.
    Hope it’s actually funny in the end.

  10. Mmmmm Zangief & Kano.

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