Sony’s Official PS Vita Game Videos

We all know it and Sony have admitted it; they screwed up their E3 press conference by showing us almost nothing of any consequence about the PS Vita.  It is not like they did not have any PS Vita material to show us as they have started releasing PS Vita videos.

On the UK PSN Store (presumably the other Stores too) you can find a selection of PS Vita trailers for games such as Sound Shapes, When Vikings Attack and Elder Fantasy as well as a video explaining the Cross Platform feature.  Even more Sony-produced E3 videos for the PS Vita are trickling out and here are some I don’t think we have shown you yet.

First up and highlighting the range of PS Vita games inbound is the PS Vita E3 2012 Sizzle:

They have also produced a video specifically showing off the PS Vita’s augmented reality capabilities:

The ever-popular LittleBigPlanet’s PS Vita outing comes under the spotlight next:

How much will you be prepared to sacrifice to win your battles in Soul Sacrifice:

Lastly for now, we have known for some time about Jim Guthrie’s involvement with the Sound Shapes crew and here is a video of him playing with the game:

As we have pointed out before, there is a lot of great PS Vita content out there it is just not getting the exposure it deserves.


  1. I’m still baffled at what happened. Beleaguered device, sluggish sales, lots of naysayers, some great content – don’t show it.


  2. God knows what Sony were thinking, they really had a chance to blow everyone away with some of these games, yet they did not show them.

    Hopefully they will make up for it at the second Vita Heaven event.

  3. Your not the only one, yet in all honesty is anyone suprised, i think in the back of our minds we all knew that sony would forget about it, fumble around it or just traditionally [email protected]*k it up…
    I personally invest in majority of consoles, minus the sega saturn all that time ago :D but i DONT have a vita i was universally screwed on my psp so the confidence just isnt there to invest in something which i dont even see advertised, i see no offers its like some dusty old freebie no one wants to admit is there.

    They need to show whats on offer, they need to show whats coming, they need to make sure they grab the public by the balls and scream at them that this device is worth a shot. im just not sold… like the vita doesnt ;) ZIIIIIIIING!

    • The Sega Saturn was amazing at the time, for Sega Rally, Panzer Dragoon and Euro 96 if for nothing else.

  4. It breaks my heart to see the vita treated like this. I love my vita and have all but abandoned my ps3 in favour of it. It’s a fantastic little machine but I am beginning to wonder whether I’ve wasted my money….

  5. That’s just complete incompetence, who’s idea was to do a 20min show on kids books rather than actual games????

  6. Now that’s more like it. Some great titles there and I might just buy a Vita after all.

    I’m still lost as to why they didn’t show this especially since they are refusing to drop the price. :/

  7. Some great stuff in there! I didn’t stay up to watch the Sony briefing, but it’s baffling that they didn’t show this stuff.

  8. Yeah i really thought this year most of SONY’s E3 show would be PSVita(well i was dreading that, only because i want even more PS3 stuff) :D but they should of cut that Book thingy to erm 2 minutes & showed a bit more PSVita. Strange that. But the rest of the show was ACE:P

  9. What’s Elder Fantasy ?

    • A trailer listed on the UK PSN Store. Though I’ve just had a look at the file it downloads and it is just the Soul Sacrifice trailer. Apologies, I didn’t have time to check last night when I wrote the post. It seems the PSN Store people have just screwed up the name. Maybe Elder Fantasy is what Soul Sacrifice is called in Japan?

  10. ER, why didn’t they cut the rather frumpy middle aged woman out (who can’t even bloody draw a 4) from wonderbook, and just showed the bloody Sizzle and augmented vids?? i swear to god Sony are fucking tapped in the head?!

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