Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 “Elemental” Cinematic Video

You’ll remember this article about the next-generation Unreal engine, which had the writer referenced blubbing at the quality. Well, it’s now on YouTube, so you can decide for yourselves whether this really does represent the future of gaming.

It’s certainly impressive, but it does have that ‘Epic’ feel about it – there’s just something about the art style that I can’t seem to connect with.


What do you think?



  1. Impressive, but problem with engine demos is that there is no AI & other game-stuff running which takes up CPU cycles, so the demo doesn’t really show what’s possible other than in in-engine cutscenes.

    This is also running on an i7 with a GTX680 GPU on a machine with 16GB or RAM, so how it will scale down to next-gen consoles also isn’t clear.

  2. It still looks like shiny plastic.

  3. WOW! To a luddite like me that is really impressive.
    But then, i think my skybox is sorcery. I’m scared – make it stop!!!

  4. Lava is amazing, the video however is confusing… its impressive but a bit odd and I haven’t a clue if its CGI or in-game.

    Anyway a new build would need to focus on something to run Simcity 5 really well so… I’m not really ready for next gen.

  5. if you want a presentation that get people exited for your engine, get Square Enix to do it!

    …or just make a presentation that looks like you reviving a old fan favourite

  6. overlord 3? ^_^

    actually, it looks like one of those cinematics blizzard make for their wow expansions.

    anyway, like CC said, there’s no game running there, and it’s on a monster rig, put it in a game on a more modest pc or a console we won’t see that.
    frankly i’ll be happy if they can just sort out the texture pop in that seems to be a constant issue with UE3 games.

    i swear there were a few times playing mass effect where i’d go through nearly a whole conversation with the low res placeholder character models before the full textures popped in.

  7. looks good but we saw this with Crytek and that never looked their demo of their engine in game.

  8. I have a question for engine stuff so if I use let’s say epic engine or crytek for my game, do I pay them for the use of their engine?

  9. I think the luminous engine looks far better, the real-time graphics are ridiculously good. The biggest problem I suppose is that Square-Enix won’t let any other company use it whereas Epic make their money from selling the engine to others.

  10. Love it… PS4 now please?

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