A Splinter Cell Movie Could Be In The Works

Hollywood loves Tom Clancy. They’re always making movies based on his books, with a Branagh-directed reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise currently underway. But, if true, this would be the first time a movie has been adapted from a “Tom Clancy’s” videogame. It seems that Splinter Cell and Sam Fisher could be about to get the silver screen treatment.

Rumours abound, put out by Deadline and discovered on Dark Horizons, that Warner Bros. had been chasing film rights but now that deal seems abandoned and Paramount Pictures are deep in talks with Ubisoft. Paramount is responsible for many (all?) of the movie adaptations of Clancy’s books so it makes sense.


Ubisoft would likely maintain control over how the adaptation is handled so it can be kept faithful to the videogame series. No other details are included in this report but we would expect it to be a complicated deal and it’ll be a while before we see the fruits of it so don’t expect a movie launch to tie in with the release of the next Splinter Cell videogame, Blacklist, which was announced at E3.

Source: Deadline, via Dark Horizons. Thanks, hazelam.



  1. They should totally get Michael Ironside to play Sam Fisher.

    • Also, Alec Baldwin is the only true Jack Ryan.

    • There’s (Unconfirmed) rumours that Michael Ironside is ill, to the extent that it was the reason he isn’t doing the role of Sam Fisher for the next splinter cell, as oppose to claiming he was too old for the job.

  2. Ubisoft seem to be having plenty of their games being made into film, Prince of Persia was done pretty well. So, lets hope the others are as well

  3. Splinter Cell should make a good film, they’ve got all the elements.
    an iconic main character with a shadowy past, a covert government agency.
    and they could incorporate some topical elements into the villians of the movie.

    i wonder if Tom Clancy actually has anything to do with the series any more though.

    i hope this actually pans out because i could see this turning out to a decent movie.

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