Hamill: “Never Say Never” To Joker Return After Arkham City

I have not finished Batman: Arkham City but being on the TSA news team means I am aware of the final scene in the game. If you also know the conclusion you may find the following Tweets between voice actor Mark Hamill and a fan somewhat confusing.

  • @HamillHimself : Hey Mr. Hamill if you were asked to voice Joker in Arkham 3 would you do it?
  • @LucBruno88: Never say never!

Hamill himself has previously said ‘never’ to a Joker return after the events of Arkham City, and having told the world he was retiring from the role.

Source: Twitter



  1. Without Joker batman is pointless yes he has many enemies but joker motivates him & is challenging

  2. Hang on, @HamillHimself asked himself a question and @LucBruno88 else replied for him? That’s confusing enough.

    • Dunno why I put a random “else” in that comment.

    • *Facepalm*
      Take it you don’t have twitter

      • I am a Twittererer, but it just threw me (as explained below).. but after reading it again I got it. You are correct, a true facepalm moment!

    • The first one is LucBruno88 asking a question (which is why it starts with @HamillHimself, as it is him directing his question to Mark) & the second one is Mark replying (which is why it starts with @LucBruno88, as he is directing his reply back to the asker).

      Hopefully that makes some sort of sense! :S

      • Ah I see now, with the colons after the names it didn’t look like a Twitter mention.

      • Actually, i agree – The colons are off-putting.

  3. The joker can never be gone for long, hes got that story immunity that prevents him from ever being killed no matter how much he is shot, burned,exploded, crushed,tickled

  4. I think Mr Hamill will need to make some adjustments to his bike to account for that much backpedalling!

  5. I wonder what they would do if they don’t have Joker in the game.

    Love the star wars tag.
    If you are interested in Mark Hamill’s Joker, there is a interview he did about it with Kevin Smith on his new podcast Fat Man on Batman.


  6. But he just voiced the Joker for the DC expansion pack recently. ;) I don’t blame him for not wanting to voice Joker anymore as it will get boring voicing the same character for a few years. But i do hope he just wants a break from Joker and will one day, return to voice him as he is the best Joker so far. Animated wise before anyone mentions Heath Ledger. I’m onto you. *gives the evils and is told to take a timeout* :p

  7. well he is voicing the Joker in the new DCUO expansion, along with Arleen Sorkin back as Harley.

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