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Survey Claims Only 4% Of Wii Owners Bought A Game For It In The Last Year

A survey conducted by online retailer ShopTo claims that Nintendo are rapidly “losing out”, especially to mobile devices. Whilst 65% of the respondents to the email questionnaire owned a Wii, only four percent of them said they’d bought a game for it in the last twelve months.

“Gamers are changing their gaming device of choice with more getting their casual gaming fix from Android and iOS devices,” said ShopTo’s Igor Cipolletta. “We are seeing game sales on the Nintendo consoles losing out as the casual games market on portable devices continues to grow.”

The survey, which queried over nine thousand individuals, suggested most people owned four gaming devices; said that more than a third of gamers spent more time playing on their smart phones than consoles, and also averaged out the annual videogame spend in the UK, which came to £334.


  1. Dramatic but hardly surprising figures. Aside from the occasional big-name release, things have been very quiet for Wii owners over the past 18months. Fortunately most of the Wii’s big-name titles have been large RPGs so at least there is plenty of gameplay to be found :)

  2. Shame on them but I can’t blame them the library is mostly full of crap. Sadly the best games are likely overlooked.

  3. I haven’t bought a Wii game in a much longer time frame than that!

    At least its a substantial survey, not one like these hair product commercials that tell you a fact based on a survey of 342 people!

    I tend to play games on my phone cos i get told off by the missus for spending too much time on the PS3!

  4. I can understand that. Cant remember the last time I bought a game for our Wii. We moved house a few months ago, and havent even set it up yet. Just an expensive paperweight at the minute.

  5. i’ve bought a few preowned games cheap, really cheap when game had their will they/wont they close down sale.
    if it wasn’t for Xenoblade those were all i’d have bought.

  6. I havent bought a wii game since Monster Hunter Tri back in August 2010. I picked it up from Gamestation in Coventry on the way back from Playstation Beta Rooms in birmingham.. good day

  7. Not sure this is quite representative though, I’d expect most Wii owners wouldn’t be signed upto Shopto’s newsletter as most of the Wii only owners I know aren’t that serious gamers, yet still buy loads of games for the Wii as they love it.

  8. I haven’t bought a wii game, ever! I don’t own a wii though, so it would be pretty silly if i did.

  9. I haven’t because i couldn’t find mine under all the dust its gathered.

  10. A majority probably haven’t bought any games I suspect? Wii sports is more likely the only game they want!

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