XBLA’s Deadlight Story Motivation Sounds Great

Every upcoming release seems to have a series of developer diary videos to accompany it these days. Sometimes they’re a little bit boring and they’re almost always extremely finely tuned for the PR message. Sometimes, though, they can serve to highlight a game which wasn’t previously that well known to you.

Deadlight is coming this summer in Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade promotion and I’ll admit to not knowing much about it before now. But this developer diary about creating the story for the game has certainly piqued my interest.


The notion that you’re not a hero is one that has often been explored but these guys seem really committed to the idea of a normal survivor rather than an everyman hero and that’s got great potential.

Deadlight is out at the start of August.



  1. The style seems to draw directly from games like Another World or Pitfall, both great games. Given that the average zombie killer/gamer normally play games with another dimension they might hit a snag on the sales department. That said I might buy it, and if that’s what the general consensus is it might do well!

  2. The gameplay reminded me of Flashback, but all HD and sharp. Will watch out this one.

    • I was thinking it had a kind of Metroid/Castlevania look to how it handles but Flashback is a good call (and very exciting).

  3. Saw the reveal trailer the other day, looks excellent.

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