Free Summer-Themed LBP2 Content Available

If you’re in the mood to brighten up LittleBigPlanet’s universe of user-generated content, then good news. Media Molecule has just launched a spread of stylish content, available to everyone for free. Dubbed the “Summer Creator’s Kit” the latest batch of LBP2 content sports a distinct upbeat, seafront vibe, a far cry from the abysmal, unpredictable weather we’re currently suffering in Great Britain.

With 26 stickers, 4 objects, 4 decorations and a new material, it’s definitely worth looking into if you fancy sprucing up that beach volleyball mini-game you’ve been working on. Mind you, the Guildford-based studio could have at least thrown a sandbag in there for good humour.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog





  1. But where is the typical moany brit that complains about the summer being too hot then complains it’s too cold? That a tradition here in England and thus should have LBP 2 content made for it. :P

    Seeing as i refuse to boot up LBP2 due to the 1GB+ in patches, i’m going to pass on this. Also, what is the big ball of fire in the sky? O-o

    • Don’t refuse… fuse? its actually worth it if it fixes somethings….and erm costumes.

  2. Will have a look, if I ever get back round to playing this game!

  3. oh its the US blog. Wednesday then.

  4. I love FREE Stuff :D

  5. Free LBP stuff is always a good thing!!

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