Survey Asks How Important Online And Trophies Are For Minis

If our recent minis coverage has clicked with anyone in any way it’s probably because the platform’s lack of trophies and online options (such as leaderboards) is widely seen as a serious issue, hampering – to some degree – sales.

We’ve got some ideas going forward on this, but for the meantime we’re asking our readers to contribute to this very quick survey – it’ll literally take you a minute or two.


Click here, tick a few boxes, and feel good about yourself.

The results will be published around the web, and we’ll let you know what the outcomes are once the statistics come back – obviously the more that get involved the better.




  1. If they want trophies i think mini developers should look at creating a full psn game instead with better graphics etc and charge a bit more.

  2. Complete

  3. done.

  4. Done!

  5. Done – that was easy!!

  6. Done, even tho i’ve never bought a mini (trophy whore) ;)

  7. Completed this survey. I know it shouldn’t be the case and I’m slightly embarrassed about it but trophies do make a lot of difference to me playing a game so the same is true of mini’s. I’m one of those chumps who hasn’t played mgs4 due to the lack of trophies.

  8. I love Mini’s but wish they would include trophies. It doesn’t stop me buying the ones I want though, but I really think they should since everything else these days contains them.

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