Survey Asks How Important Online And Trophies Are For Minis

If our recent minis coverage has clicked with anyone in any way it’s probably because the platform’s lack of trophies and online options (such as leaderboards) is widely seen as a serious issue, hampering – to some degree – sales.

We’ve got some ideas going forward on this, but for the meantime we’re asking our readers to contribute to this very quick survey – it’ll literally take you a minute or two.


Click here, tick a few boxes, and feel good about yourself.

The results will be published around the web, and we’ll let you know what the outcomes are once the statistics come back – obviously the more that get involved the better.




  1. Done.
    Wouldn’t say it takes two minutes though, less than 30 seconds.

    Hopefully you’ll get a lot of people filling this in and then you can start to make an impact in some way.

  2. I’d suggest adding a question or two about playing. Trophies may or may not encourage purchase when you think of it, but playing one or another type of the game — usually does. For instance I replied, that Trophies won’t encourage me to buy more and that’s the truth. If you’d ask if Trophies would encourage me to play more, I would reply with yes, because well designed trophies indeed does miracles on re-playability and exploration of the game. The again… whenever I see a Mini i’d like to buy, I start to doubt if I’ll play it after the purchase, I never think about trophies, but only about my past experiences playing this type of games.

    • Just to confirm – these aren’t our questions, we’re just passing on the link. =)

      • Oh, the article heavily implies it is a TSA survey!
        “We’ve got some ideas going forward on this, but for the meantime we’re asking our readers to contribute to this very quick survey”

      • It’s set up by and being (hopefully) distributed amongst as many sites as possible to get one centralised result set.

      • They seem very leading in their wording, not quite the normal TSA style, which is a good thing :)

      • The article definitely reads like this is a TSA survey.

        Who is running it?

  3. The paying more for bigger games with better graphics is a strange one, isn’t that just a standard PSN game?

    • Yeah, they are basically asking if a minis developer could get the funding, would you rather see something like velocity (for example) as a full PSN game.

      To which i of course replied yes! :)

  4. Done!
    For me mini’s are better suited to handhelds far more than home consoles. Perfect for PSP or Vita in short bursts as most are ideal for pick up and play, I’d much rather utilise PS3 time with mainstream PS3 titles. Trophies would help mini’s sales tremendously I think, but I’d still rather play them on a handheld console trophies or not, but portable console time can be and usually is pretty limited!
    Just my 2 cents worth ;)

    • Same hear, I played more minis on the Vita in the short time since it’s release than I have on the PS3. Can’t remember when minis came along but it’s quite a while.
      Trophies wouldn’t make a difference for me.

  5. Done.

    The questions were a little weird, as they were made out as though you already buy minis (as in how many do you buy, would you buy more etc), which for someone like me just isn’t the case.

    Couldn’t give a toss about online leaderboards (usually just a way for my friends to make me feel insignificant) & definitely not DLC add ons (which would probably end up more expensive than the core game), but trophies would certainly push me into taking a look at a few titles. Only the recommended ones though, as i can imagine that they probably can be a bit ‘hit & miss’.

  6. id like more minis for the PSV

    • Don’t all minis work on the Vita then?

      • Not on release, there was a list of 275 titles (PSP and mini) that were compatible with Vita, and Sony were working on making as many as possible compatible in the future.

  7. Finito.

  8. Questions are a little leading I think. Still completed it though.

  9. Done.

  10. Done, I think the question regarding demos was most important to me, demos are the best way to get me to buy a game.

    • See, that doesn’t work for me as the demo needs to be downloaded, requiring space on your HDD – However, if they just bothered to put a bloody video of gameplay on the store like they do with some titles, that would make a massive difference to me.

      Many a time i have gone to see what a game is like & there has been no video & nothing to promote the game other than a description. Which results in me promptly backing out.

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