Community Chronicle: 01/07/12

With a vacated slot on Sunday mornings, we’re going to try a bunch of new things for the active community on TSA, with a trio of ideas which combine to create the Community Chronicle.

So, what does it all mean? Well, our first segment this week is a bit of a look at gaming rigs. Obscenely big or humorously small, a horrendously messy pile of shame or a freakishly neat cabinet chock full of collector’s editions, it matters not. As long as you send in some photos of something you’d like to share and explain what we’re seeing, you can be featured.

So to kick us off, I’ve got some photos from Baconsarnie. I seem to have interrupted him watching the X Games, but what gaming kit does he play on? Well, he’s got himself both a PS3 and a 360, with Move on show for the former alongside a snazzy white controller. He’s also dug out his old N64 and Sega Master System for this particular photo shoot. I also espy that he’s got himself a nice Fallout 3 bobblehead and the very swanky Killzone 3, semi-cloaked Sniper model.

Also quite tidy, you’ll note, and this extends to his great big bookshelf of games and stuff. There’s a few nice steelbooks for Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2, as well as the inFamous Special Edition. Notably lacking in games from 2012. I guess Bacon’s still got some catching up to do after his long trip to South America!

If you’d like to show off, or partake in the fine tradition of self-deprecation, you can email me at teflon[at] with the subject ‘TSA Rig’, or tweet us @teflon or @TSACom with the hashtag #TSAChronicle.

I look forward to seeing what the rest of you play with!

Next stop is to see what you all have actually achieved in the last week. Yogdog’s started a thread looking back on proudest moments from the past, but this is about the here and now. Lots of you like to comment on the weekly What We Played on this topic, so please continue doing that, and going forward we’ll just sample from comments on What We Played and this article. Alternatively, tweet @teflon or @TSACom with the hashtag #TSAChronicle, and we’ll pick it up as we go. The more pictures, the merrier!

Ever on the hunt for more Platinum trophies is Crazy_Del, besting Batman: Arkham City and Max Payne 3, and element666 with Wipeout 2048. Snooping around on the forums, it looks like Freezebug has the top trophy from Sniper Elite V2, and also got 100% trophies for Renegade Ops.

Youles also thinks he’s locked away TSA’s fastest Platinum for Gravity Rush, R1MJAW nabs the same glory for Lego Batman 2 whilst theberzerka might have nabbed the fastest with Lollipop Chainsaw too…

Not everyone plays for the trophies, though, and it’s good to see that Steven has kept plugging away at Skyrim (after going on and on and on and on about it!), to complete the main story. Several people have also been polishing off play throughs of Lollipop Chainsaw.

Meets are a big thing on TSA, and this last week we had a special GT5 event to celebrate Jambo’s return to the online world in the form of a 24 Minutes of Le Mans race. I bring it up, because there was a fight for the lead which lasted practically the entire race between Ashgraham and Freezebug, with Jambo only dropping out because he thought he’d need to pit. In the end Ash brought it home ahead of Freeze by just a shade over a second. Now that’s impressive from both of them!

Last, and most certainly least, I may have finally turned a corner in Battlefield 3‘s online on PC. I managed to get a 2:1 kill:death ratio in a match a few days back and am mightily pleased with myself for it. Admittedly, I’d joined late and only killed 2 people before I died, but that’s not the point!

Let us know what you get up to, big, small or silly, and we’ll feature you next week.

Finally, we come to something that’s long been requested on TSA, a “comment of the week” poll.

I’ve laboriously gone through all the comments this week and picked out things I found amusing, and stuff that was getting lots of thumbs ups.

First up is a lovely little rendition of the Spider-Man song between OnlineAssassin77 and Mundham. Then we have Hazelam really laying into the Tomb Raider devs and industry as a whole for not sticking up for themselves on controversial topics.

Freezebug makes light of the 3DS XL’s size, SpikeyMikey spots a great “bargain” for Australian PSN users in the form of Homefront, whilst Bunimomike exhibits his delightful perversions with regards to some day purchasing Lollipop Chainsaw.

Rounding us out, Mugsybalone and myself poke fun at Jambo’s double negatives, whilst Forrest’s GBP to Yen exchange rate might be a little off…

Follow the links, have a look for yourself, vote, and we’ll see you next week!



  1. All great quotes, but Bunimomike clinches it for me :-)

  2. I’m a sucker for for double negatives.

    • I always read double negatives in Mr Ts voice. Try it, it’s fun.

      • You need to get Harry to do Mr T impressions. I remember vaguely that he was amazing at impressions on R1MJAW…

      • Indeed he was. I still get him to do Scottish Harry now and then.

    • I’m not a sucker for double positives.

  3. I know some of you may think completing the Crashing Scrolls:Rimlag’s main quest is not a big deal but i’ve owned the game for over 3 months and have just completed it. :O which is odd considering i always complete the mainquest first in RPGS.

    And i think i will never put down Skyim. NEVER! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *sees a group of TSAers trying to take Skyrim away from him and hisses* :p

    • 3 months is an awesome time if your lags up and crashes your PS3 anywhere near as much as it does mine :)

      • My doesn’t lag or crash. For it was written in the Elder Scrolls that one man would buy Skyrim and in their language he is Gamerkin! GAMER! *sees everyone looking at him* What? WHAT?! WHAAT!?? *gets put into a padded cell again* :op

  4. First thing, great new feature….should have something for everyone to rejoice/moan about :P
    Quick correction to the GT5 mini Le Mans result, as I am a little obsessive with laptimes etc. I was 0.2 seconds behind Ash in first place, not that it makes a blind bit of difference to 2nd place, but 2/10ths & all that lol
    Had to vote for Jambo’s double negatives, proving that years of University education are of absolutely no use to man nor beast…….lmfao!
    Rig-wise….You really don’t want to see my fold up camping table modified to fit a Driving Force GT steering wheel and pedals….THE SHAME!!!

    • Ah, sorry, I remembered it as being just a shade over a second. I was wrong…

      Send in a photo! Nothing is too good or bad to be shown! :D

  5. Like this new feature!

    • but really comment of the week should go to that guy who called Spikey Mikey a troll

      • And he got ganged up by some of the regs. :D I shouldn’t be happy that we ganged up on him but he did break the rules and caused Spike to get the extra strong tea. :p

  6. Great feature – can our “rig” be photographed as “entire collection”? :D

    I may need to go panoramic

    • Absolutely :)

      • Can we also just take every gaming releated thing we own, throw it in a big pile, and take a pic of said pile of stuff?

      • ^ That’s basically what I’m going to do!

    • I might try and do a 360 degree shot of my man-cave!
      Not all game related, but there is enough all over to warrent a extra-WIDE shot! :)

  7. You need to organiuse those PS3 games separately from the old style Red ps3 to the new ps3 black that un-order is killing my OCD senses :D

  8. I like this new feature. For comment of the week it’s a close call between Mugsybalone and Bunimomike.. :)

  9. Brilliant feature and I know comment of the week. I really loved that comment. xD

  10. great new feature! love it! =D

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